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"The woman on the bridge - Lieutenant Nicholson"

Endless loop of an autonomous taxi

TEDxSaclay: Autonomous Cars

Ah, let's start a new week with an exciting exploration. Let's light the way to the world of tomorrow's vehicles, these marvels of technology where humans make way for R2D2.

An autonomous vehicle, imagine, replaces the driver. In doing so, it integrates complex systems: electrical, electronic, electromechanical, not to mention a multitude of software. It aims to substitute human senses, to activate appropriate controls, to decide relevant actions at the right moment.

Consider the combination of sensory and cognitive analysis. It allows one to see, feel, sometimes even anticipate. Imagine detecting a school on the right: one must consider the possibility of children crossing. Or, a neighborhood frequented by elderly people, where a pedestrian might suddenly appear.

These perceptions are enhanced by sensors, information systems that capture additional data, enriching the system like a clever droid. It is crucial to feed decisions with this information, anticipating complex scenarios.

Take a concrete example. On the highway, a car brakes abruptly five vehicles ahead of you. Despite your vigilance, the other cars block your view. Modern systems, thanks to augmented reality, like infrared vision, can detect obstacles invisible to humans, displaying crucial information on a windshield to assist your decision-making.

The advantage of such systems is that they process much more information than a human alone could. Satellite navigation systems, meanwhile, guide autonomous vehicles, offering you a kind of superhuman vision.

Let's talk about a car, with its first-level autonomous driving system: it maintains the lane, regulates speed, without manual intervention and the car can follow the one ahead of it for hundreds of kilometers without faltering. Impressive, isn't it? It's limited, yes, but effective, and you can already buy it at your favorite dealership.

But let's consider a higher level of autonomy: a car capable of making a decision to avoid an obstacle, for example. You approach a pedestrian crossing in a village where a mother crosses at the last moment with her stroller. The car must react quickly. It must assess its braking capacity. If it deems that it cannot brake in time, what are the alternatives? Stay in its lane and activate emergency braking despite the inevitable collision, or engage an avoidance maneuver, at the risk of facing another danger (pedestrians on the sidewalk, or an oncoming vehicle...). How can AI decide based on the severity of the consequences in a fraction of a second?

A difficult choice that could take into account the value of human lives based on criteria pre-recorded in its algorithm?

Thus, the ethical question emerges. Can modern systems, should they, evaluate the value of lives differently based on age, status, or the level of their bank account? It's a vast and complex debate.

We are at the dawn of a necessarily regulated era, with strict standards to come to frame these technologies. Autonomous cars, while promising, will never be entirely without risks.

Ultimately, autonomous vehicles promise more safety, less stress, and a new model for our mobility. But they also raise fundamental questions about our technological future.

How can manufacturers and developers strengthen public trust in autonomous driving technologies?

What could be the long-term consequences of the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles on our society, particularly in terms of usage, employment, and urban planning?

Post written by Thomas Vassort based on an interview with Thierry Parayre, former CTO Vehicle Engineering of Renault.

Endless loop of a taxi driver robot, illustrating today's reality, in the USA.

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TEDxSaclay: Winter is Coming

Monday. An eloquent start to the odyssey of hours. My dear cosmos travelers, imagine standing at the dawn of a day unlike any other. Today, we embark aboard the French satellite Euclid, our celestial compass, to unravel the mysteries of the universe. An unusual prism, indeed, for observing the unknown.

Together let's uncover dark matter, the cosmic cement of galaxies, and dark energy, the mysterious force that spreads the stars like a distracted painter's canvas. These invisible, enigmatic forces have shaped the expansion of our universe for nearly ten billion years. Euclid, ESA's science vessel, roams this starry sky, covering more than a third of our celestial dome, with the quest to map three dimensions of time and space.

The goal? To capture the very essence of cosmic evolution. To visualize the distribution of both dark and ordinary matter. With its instruments, the visible light imager and the near-infrared spectro-imager, Euclid reveals to us the contours of a distant past, allowing us to speculate about the mysterious acceleration caused by this dark energy.

What an irony, isn't it? Dark matter, invisible, undetectable by our luminous means, holds the universe together, while dark energy, equally elusive, pushes it towards infinite expansion. Perhaps, my friends, we are witnessing the preparation for a "Big Freeze," a future where the universe, cold and dispersed, would finally reveal its secrets.

What lessons can we draw from this exploration of celestial abysses? Perhaps, to recognize the importance of the forces that, though invisible, govern everything from the cosmos to our planet. Understanding the mysteries of the universe might, who knows, teach us to better manage the fragile balances of our own world.

Should we wait to see to believe, or is it time to acknowledge what has been hidden for decades in the shadows of certainties? That is the question posed by our journey with Euclid. It's not just a quest for knowledge, but a call to awakening.

As the universe may be heading towards a "Big Freeze," our Earth seems to be advancing towards a new ice age. Shouldn't we, faced with this striking similarity, rethink our actions to better harmonize our existence with the natural rhythms of our world?

Hervé Dole, vice president of the Université Paris-Saclay and astrophysicist who participated in the design of Euclid, gave a somewhat, abracadabra, talk on the subject of Euclid at TEDxSaclay 2023.

Written by Thomas Vassort
Infinite loop and music created by Boocle

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A sign in the sky

Boocle's SFA - 9 Hours Left - A Sign in the Sky

Ah! Allow me, my dear friends, to recount to you a most fascinating celestial saga. It unfolded under the veil of night between May 10th and 11th. Let us together observe this spectacle, that of a northern lights display that traversed the heavens, not in its usual green attire but adorned with a thousand and one colors.

Usually confined to polar regions, these ladies of the sky offered us, on that evening, a chromatic symphony. The sky, typically fluorescent green, transformed into an infinite kaleidoscope. What a marvel! The cause, my friends, an extraordinary solar storm, a cosmic ballet orchestrated by the whims of the Sun.

I confess, in all intimacy, that I perceived in this phenomenon a sign, almost a divine wink. I am not alone in this perception; many of us see it as an omen, a whisper from the universe. Every day, our Mother Earth unfolds her charms: wildlife evolves before our astonished eyes, landscapes take our breath away, the scents of flowers border on intoxication.

That night, more than a spectacle, it was a confirmation, an assurance that I am walking the intended path. An undeniable sign of my correct trajectory in this great whole.

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Boocle white paper page

Boocle's Secret Fundraisin Auction - 2 Days Left

For months, even years, I've been pressured to make a decision. A choice of a homeland, a side, an ambition, a unique worldview. Yet, I resist. Isn't life a tangle of choices?

Every day I make creative, technical, vision, or spiritual decisions. I observe, I evaluate, I decide. I choose the idea that aligns perfectly with my aspirations, serving it with surgical precision. Then, I embrace my decisions.

An old friend, a visionary from a bygone era, once told me: the only moments that matter are the crossroads. Those moments where our free will truly flourishes. Left? Right? Each choice shapes the course of our lives until the next intersection.

But here, the choice of a country for Boocle's investment seems an insurmountable dilemma. Because, for Boocle to achieve its ultimate goal, unity must be sacred.

Thus, I choose the opposite path: I entrust this choice to whoever wishes to join Boocle in this adventure. Meanwhile, I ensure Boocle remains unbridled, protected from any influence or takeover attempts.

Therefore, I have initiated Boocle's SFA to find the ideal financial partner. I extend a blank page. Whoever wishes to inscribe their name places their bet. It is not my choice, but that of another. And that, I claim as well.

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Boocle's SFA - 5 days left

The representation of the world, its inhabitants, their customs, and beliefs is a tale as old as humanity itself. From the first cave paintings discovered in the caves of Neanderthals to the advent of artificial intelligence, the world of imagery has constantly evolved, reinventing itself.

But let's focus for a moment. In 1835, Daguerre laid the groundwork with his daguerreotype. A revolutionary process, fixing the positive image in the darkroom on a copper plate coated with silver, developed in iodine vapors. It was the dawn of photography, a new era for capturing the ephemeral and etching it into eternity.

Then, a little later, in 1891, Edison & Dickson gave birth to the Kinetograph and the Kinetoscope, inspiring the Lumière brothers for their Cinematograph in 1895. It was the emergence of cinema, capturing hearts across the planet, immortalizing not just an instant, but a true moment.

Finally, modestly, I bring my own contribution. Boocle was born. Imagined in 2015 and patented in 2016, this revolutionary invention offers a simple game: transforming a linear film into a perfect circular loop. A new medium, like photography and cinema before it, offering a vast field of perspectives where the image merges with time, creating a timeless capsule of balance between the instant and the moment.

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TEDxSaclay: The Internet at the Speed of Light

Ah, what an exhilarating time we live in, my dear readers! The threshold of a new week opens before us, like a curtain rising on the mysteries of the telecommunications universe, revealing perspectives both visible and invisible. Let us arm ourselves with our faithful companions of metal and silicon, our computers! Let us test, my friends, the speed at which the pages of the vast digital world unfold before our astonished eyes.

Let us delve delightfully into the abyss of telecommunicated innovation. A few days ago, a bubbling, a true tremor ran through the world of the Internet. Since the dawn of this sector, the virtuosos of speed have been engaged in a relentless quest, seeking to propel our data at ever-increasing speeds. With the noble goal of enhancing our digital experience.

Take, for example, the telecom disruptor, Xavier Niel, who is currently offering a service at 8 gigabits per second, a small French revolution, we might say.

But hold on, our neighbors across the Channel have thrown down an even more audacious challenge. After a series of relentless research, a team of eminent scientists from Aston University has succeeded in developing technology enabling a blazing-fast connection at 300 terabits per second! In sum, a connection 4.5 million times faster than the current one. Imagine, this technological feat accomplished with a simple standard optical fiber, commonly used, yet greatly underestimated.

To enlighten you, the optical fiber is a true orchestra of bandwidths. The traditional C and L bands have until now been the conductors of our digital data. However, our ingenious British researchers have chosen to play a symphony on the previously neglected and silent E and S bands. Until this memorable day, no one had mastered these channels with such precision.

This innovation, my dears, will not require the replacement of our existing fiber infrastructures. Only the transmitters and receivers will need to be adapted. Beyond mere performance, this breakthrough promises a more ecological era, increasing the fiber's capacity to transmit data while extending their lifespan and value.

Here we stand at the threshold of a new revolution, in an era where innovations sprout with renewed vigor. It remains for us, curious observers, to decipher the hidden promises in these bandwidths, exploring the scope of what they might bring us...

What could be the long-term implications of widespread adoption of such high connection speeds for consumers and businesses? How could this advancement transform industries that heavily depend on the transmission of large volumes of data, such as the media or healthcare sectors?

#TEDxSaclay #visible #invisible #fibre #optique #aston

Boocle's SFA Press - 12 days left

Ah, how time and miles fly aboard a Ford Mustang, like an arrow of light streaking across the sky! Only twelve days now until the end of Boocle's secret fundraising campaign. What an epic!

A new player enters the stage to amplify this media resonance: Baden Bower, a luminary of Swiss public relations, extends his vast networks to carry our story beyond borders. The digital world is already buzzing with multiple echoes, from Wall Street Select to ABC Waow, through Fox 47 and others.

As a grand finale, Boocle invites you to a nocturnal escapade in the vibrant New York, the car radio singing loudly through the heart of the night. Experience the momentum, share the rhythm!

And remember: The future is circular.

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TEDxSaclay: Sharing is Caring...

Dear Monday enthusiasts, let's explore the backstage of TEDx together. Camera in hand, we capture the backstages, revealing both the visible and invisible aspects of our conferences. TEDxSaclay, founded in 2015 by Assya Van Gysel and Christian Van Gysel, is based on a clear idea: to obtain a TEDx license to promote the intelligentsia of Paris Saclay. The story is written through challenges, discoveries, and intense collaboration.

Over the years, the founders have assembled a diverse team of volunteers, united to work hand in hand. Along the way, bonds have been formed, meetings have taken place, and bread has been shared. Sometimes tensions arise, reminding us of personal challenges in a world often focused on oneself. Nonetheless, common sense prevails, reminding us of our commitment to highlight innovation in service of life, for the common good.

The collaboration does not stop there. Since its inception, TEDxSaclay has invested in giant letters, animating our conference stage. These letters have traveled, roamed the roads, marking a clear and altruistic commitment: #sharingTEDx. They began their journey stored in the Van Gysel's whisky cellar, then were displayed on various stages such as TEDxAgroParisTech, TEDxESSEC, TEDxHEC, TEDxArtsetMetiers, TEDxSkema, #TEDxDescartes and many others across Île-de-France, symbolizing the power of sharing and mutual aid within the TEDx community.

Thus reminding us of the vital importance of cooperation among all the TEDx in the world, under the wise and benevolent aegis of TED conferences.

Do you have a memorable experience of collaboration or sharing within the TEDx community that you would like to share?

How do the values of sharing and altruism manifest in your professional daily life?

Written by Thomas Vassort
Endless loop and music created by Boocle

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The heart of FLower of Life in Boocle's casino

An Unalterable Promise

Ah, my dear friends, welcome to the mythical lair, the sacred precincts of the Boocle Casino. Let me remind you that Boocle, an emerging beacon, designs seamless video loops with exquisite finesse. It juggles, with astonishing skill, between the tangible authenticity and the magic of artificial intelligence.

Ah, isn't this communication technology fascinating? It draws, with surgical precision, from the Flower of Life, that captivating motif of sacred geometry. Assuming the role of guide and innovator of such a feat requires colossal responsibility. Boocle aims solely to use the Flower of Life to enrich existence, regardless of race, nation, or borders.

It seeks to rebalance current information, often diluted, to enlighten the intelligentsia. It creates content that blends art, innovation, spirituality, meaning, and ethics. From the very first moment of its discovery, I was fully aware of the impact of this new medium. Communication is the fourth power. It enables us to sell, promote, enlighten, select, and directly influence the fate of individuals.

That is why Boocle has a clear vision of its fundamental mission: sustainability. It aims to restore the full meaning of this term, alas forgotten today. Yet such concentrated power can be problematic. That is why Boocle commits to remain independent, allowing everyone using this technology to remain independent.

To never, under any circumstances, meddle in politics or digital press. Boocle thus commits to issuing non-exclusive licenses for politics and the press, without producing internal content. Boocle focuses on art, cinema, luxury, and all environmentally responsible companies.

This is a promise from the deepest part of its heart. And neither money, pressure, nor personal interest will sway this red line.

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TEDxSaclay: May Health Be With You!

Dear insatiable explorers of Monday, let's dive together, our eye glued to our microscope, into the throbbing heart of innovation at Paris-Saclay. Health, the eternal muse of French research. Ah, Pierre and Marie Curie! These pioneers of radiology, of radioactivity. Louis Pasteur, that maestro of vaccines! Jean Dausset, the sculptor of the major histocompatibility complex, essential for organ transplants.

Paris-Saclay, heir to these legends, unfolds its excellence across three majestic sites, the epicenter of European innovation.

First, the brand new GHNE Hospital. Cedric Lussiez has just sealed with Eiffage the birth of the new Paris-Saclay hospital. From June 3, 2024, its doors will open. This monumental project mobilized 300 workers, 70 companies, 245 million euros to erect a haven of 480 beds, a reference for 650,000 souls.

Medical and surgical services, a maternity unit planned for 3,000 annual births, everything is designed for an optimized care journey, a promise of excellence.

The CEA and Christian Bailly, for their part, are revolutionizing our understanding of the brain with the Iseult MRI, 11.7 teslas of power. Twenty years of R&D for a scanner without equal. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and many other pathologies viewed from a new angle. A colossal project, the fruit of a collaboration of 200 people between industry and academia.

In Villejuif, the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) is unfolding: 100,000 m² dedicated to oncology. Inspired by Boston's Kendall Square, this venue aims to accelerate innovation. From the emergence of a molecule to its administration, it takes twelve years and a billion euros on average. Four out of five molecules come from startups, but less than nine out of ten treatments reach the market. Benjamin Garel emphasizes, fighting cancer is a long-term struggle. The PSCC, vital support for startups, offering access to experts, technologies, networks. Among them, Apmonia Therapeutics, Aedan Pharma, SmartCatch, the pioneers of tomorrow.

My friends, from century to century, French science renews itself, always carrying the torch of health innovation higher. Thus, Paris-Saclay too brings its stone to the edifice.

How could the opening of the GHNE potentially restore hope regarding the modernization of hospital infrastructure in France, often perceived as neglected?

To what extent can the CEA's model of collaboration between the public sector and private partners serve as a reference for other initiatives?

How do the startups at the PSCC plan to make their new treatments effective as well as economically viable?

Written by Thomas Vassort
Photo slideshow and music created by Boocle

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The eco-logo of Boocle mixt with an heart with a galaxy background

The Secrets of Romantic Communication

In the vast universe of advertising photography, my long journey has unveiled the mysteries of creative agencies. How often have I encountered the production of empty content, made safe by a lack of boldness? Depicting the product, selling it, exaggerating, addressing the crowd as if they were simple-minded, that is what I have observed. But at Boocle, the rules are different, because Boocle embraces a distinct philosophy.

Think of communication as a courtship to kindle love. The relentless pursuit, the excessive praises, all this often proves counterproductive. Why? Because the object of your affection might feel the game is won in advance, and where is the challenge in that? She will always envision something more unattainable, more desirable.

Indeed, we desire what resists us, a reflection of a consumer society fueled by ego. These dynamics are powerful levers. In communication and sales, the approach is similar. Creating a sense of scarcity, of exclusivity, makes the offer irresistible. This is the cornerstone.

Let me confide, from an experience shaped in the fashion world, that coveting the inaccessible requires showing that we have something unique to offer. And this is not an invitation to pretentiousness or egocentrism, but a call to authenticity. To be remarkable, certainly, but not for everyone. An opportunity to seize or to pass by.

Boocle thus strives to create content that enriches, that adds value, that seduces without imposing. A modern approach to communication that borrows from the rules of romantic seduction.

Background Image from Hubble - NASA*

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Boocle's Secret Fundraising Auction

My fellow visionaries, I'm excited to unveil a transformative event. Investors, explorers of the unknown, relentless gamers seeking deeper meanings, this is for you. Boocle is introducing its Secret Fundraising Auction. A moment poised to redefine silence into an uproar of innovation, climaxing on the night of May 12, 2024, at midnight, Paris time.

Boocle have engineered a new paradigm in digital communication: Seamless video loops with unmatched fluidity. These loops break all boundaries. There are no limits on rotation time, resolution, or the freedom of movement for subjects, backgrounds, and camera motions. Secured by an international patent, this breakthrough is set to revolutionize how we interact with the web, digital billboards, virtual reality, holograms, and even 360° domes.

Rooted in the Flower of Life, a symbol of universal harmony from sacred geometry, our technology achieves precision in every detail. It seamlessly syncs with the forefront of modern technology: Generative AI, machine learning, big data, cloud, and quantum computing. Boocle is on a path to become fully customizable, immersive, and interactive.

Don't miss this chance to be part of a fundraising that’s literally designing the future. Because, my friends, the future isn't just near, it's an endless loop. Because the future is circular, so Fundraising the win!

Boocle's SFA Rules:

Objectif: Evaluate the alignment between the investor and Boocle.
Focus: Check the compatibility of visions, financing conditions, and aspirations.
Discovery: Introduction to Boocle, its mission, and what Boocle will bring to the digital communication market.
Presentation: If there's a good fit, the presentation will be sent to the investor.
Start of the game: The investor player can take a seat at the SFA poker game table.
Bet: Place your best bid in an attempt to win the pot!.
End of the game: May 12, 2024, at midnight Paris GMT, game over.
Results: In the days following, the world champion of SFA Poker from Boocle's Casino will be revealed.
Next step: Choose a time slot that suits you for this strategic discussion.

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A invisible player come in Boocle's casino

The Invisible Player

Ah, my dear friends, welcome to the legendary abode, the hallowed halls of Boocle's Casino. Allow me to remind you, Boocle, the rising star, crafts seamless video loops with consummate artistry. It plays, with bewildering mastery, on the slender thread between the authenticity of the real and the enchantment of artificial intelligence.

Since the dawn of this quest, discreet and hushed, that is this secret fundraising auction, dialogues have been woven, dense and sustained. Virtual conferences, like invitations to the ball of finance, were shared. The pitch decks, like arrows, were launched. And thus, the investment offers, rare and precious, countable on the fingers of one hand.

Yet, here comes a twist in the tale of Boocle. A protagonist, as unexpected as elusive, invites themselves to this prestigious table. The Casino of Boocle, a place of all stakes. There, without preamble, without even a hint of prior contact, a contract magically arrived. What audacity! Like a homing pigeon, it crosses the skies, far from sight, under the radar.

A creator at heart, surprise is my everyday. But here, oh! The surprise was significant. Here I am, unseated, almost fallen from my seat as the lord of the rings. To you, enigmatic player, Boocle pays homage with an endless creation depicting your legendary entrance. A gesture, a sign, a wink, to say: welcome to our company.

For all the new players, follow the lead. Let's explore our synergies together.

I invite you to a virtual meeting by click here.
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And remember: The future is circular
So don't forget: Fundraising's the win

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TEDxSaclay: Flower of Life of Sacred Geometry

Ah, dear colleagues of exploratory Mondays, with an insatiable appetite for knowledge! You, enthusiasts of the visible and the invisible, seeking to decipher the mysteries of our universe. Equipped with your third eye, dive into the depths of sacred geometry. A tripod of symbols, blending mathematics, spirituality, shapes, and universality.

Here are three illustrations emanating from this sacred quest. Firstly, the golden spiral, born of the golden ratio, fruit of the Fibonacci sequence. It is adorned with the title of divine proportion. Secondly, Metatron's cube, a shield against negative waves, baptized the angel of life. And, to crown it all, the flower of life. The sanctuary of symbols, an assembly of circles evoking the roses of our truant schools.

This last drawing, transcending cultures, beliefs, and religions, travels through the ages. From the Egypt of the pharaohs to ancient Greece, from the indigenous peoples of the far South to the antipodes. From the millennial wisdom of China to the ancestral mysteries of Japan. From the shores of Judaism to the confines of Islam, the Templars even considered it as the Grail, imagine!

But why such mystery around a simple figure? Its essence lies in creation in its purest form, in ceaseless regeneration. A unique relic on the ruins of the Temple of Osiris, it was not engraved but seemed to be a caress of warmth on the stone. It embodies the cosmic order, the harmony of the spheres, the web of existence, uniting balance and consonance. Moreover, it holds the geometric secret that narrates the foundations of space and time, resonating in the buildings and practices from yesterday to today.

In these ancient wisdoms often lies the truth. They are the lighthouse for our current technologies, showing us the way, reminding us of our duty to perpetuate the legacy without failing, without betraying.

What connections can you make between sacred geometry and the fundamental principles of the universe? Can sacred geometry be considered a bridge between science and spirituality? Why? How does sacred geometry influence our understanding of space and time?

Written by Thomas Vassort
Infinite loop created by Boocle (patented technology)
Music made by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #sacredgeometry #spirituality #mathematics #universality #visible #invisible #madewithai

Rules of the Boocle's Secret Fundraising Auction

Ah, my dear friends, welcome to the legendary abode, the hallowed halls of Boocle's Casino.

Watch the video in the illustration to discover the rules of Boocle's Secret Fundraising Auctions and follow the links below to explore our respective synergies.

I invite you to a virtual meeting by click here.
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And remember: The future is circular
So don't forget: Fundraising's the win

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Boocle's Casino is Open!!

Ah, my dear friends, welcome to the legendary abode, the hallowed halls of Boocle's Casino. Here, where the brightest minds gaze upon the horizon through the enigma of a window. Picture this: a lavish poker table, cards adorned with the emblem of Boocle, beckoning you to play. And what a sight it is! A pot, oh, not just any pot, but a radiant treasure, the pulsating heart of Boocle.

Allow me to remind you, Boocle, the rising star, crafts seamless video loops with consummate artistry. It plays, with bewildering mastery, on the slender thread between the authenticity of the real and the enchantment of artificial intelligence.

The appointments are set, and the croupier I am awaits you. Alas, some seats have remained empty, a lamented absence of shared visions. It is well known, after all: without a shared vision, there is no path we can walk together.

At the dawn of this quest, a player has confidently placed their bet. With audacity, with flair, marking the commencement of this most confidential fundraising auction for Boocle.

The pace quickens, the endgame draws near. On May 12, 2024, the bell will toll. What an idyllic opportunity for investors from all walks of life to feel the thrill, to wager, and perhaps to claim a piece of eternity represented by a stake in Boocle, the very core of which is the precious flower of life.

SFA Poker Rules:
Objectif: Evaluate the alignment between the investor and Boocle.
Focus: Check the compatibility of visions, financing conditions, and aspirations.
Discovery: Introduction to Boocle, its mission, and what Boocle will bring to the digital communication market.
Presentation: If there's a good fit, the presentation will be sent to the investor.
Start of the game: The investor player can take a seat at the SFA poker game table.
Bet: Place your best bid in an attempt to win the pot!.
End of the game: May 12, 2024, at midnight Paris GMT, game over.
Results: In the days following, the world champion of SFA Poker from Boocle's Casino will be revealed.
Next step: Choose a time slot that suits you for this strategic discussion.

I invite you to a virtual meeting by click here.
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And remember: The future is circular
So don't forget: Fundraising's the win

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N°666 Boocle's follower on Linkedin win a deepfake by Lab Boocle AI

N°666 win a deepfake by Lab Boocle AI (Linkedin)

Boocle marks a unique milestone: welcoming our 666th member. Congratulations to Elsa van Garderen for this intriguing distinction. As a reward, a transformation into a Boocle avatar, at their discretion.

The number 666, evoking mystery. Far more than a mere symbol of rebellion, it reflects a deep history. Beyond appearances, Boocle delves into the hidden roots of our myths. The "devil", often misunderstood, draws inspiration from Pan.

This figure, embodying freedom and unity with nature, celebrates life through dance, music, and his iconic pan flute. His attributes - horns and hooves - suggest an earthly connection, far from the modernized infernal caricature.

Elsa van Garderen thus embodies, beyond a number, a tribute to the untameable spirit of Pan.

#boocle #celebration #666 #beyondappearances #pan #deepfake

TEDxSaclay: Arhitecture

Ah, my friends, what an adventure that of Paris-Saclay! Ah yes, what a spectacle... We, the curious of Monday, enamored of tangible beauty as much as that which is hidden. Here is an invitation to don helmets, not for war, but for exploration. Paris-Saclay, our French beacon of innovation, unveils its splendor. Since 2006, on these 7,700 hectares, audacious constructions rise, a nest of illustrious schools, genius laboratories, incubators of tomorrow, and startups of the future.

Let's see, through the prism of three jewels, the soul of our builders.

The CentraleSupélec School, first, enigma clad in black by Gigon/Guyer, opens up to us, warmly. At its heart beats the Diagonale, a vein where serendipity comes to life. Ah, beautiful and fertile chance! There, minds meet, warm up, complement each other. A temple dedicated to humanity, yes.

Then, the sanctuary of Danone, erected by Arte Charpentier. This international research center consists of a courtyard, like a Roman forum. It invites gathering, exchange, and sharing. The floors rise around, majestic, accompanied by a glass elevator, as if to reach the skies. Here, the conversation rises, intimate or plural, cradled by the warmth of wood. An anthem to humanism.

Finally, the Lumen library, masterpiece by Beaudouin Architects. Light, space, matter, all contribute to well-being. Students, innovators, all come together for sharing, reflection. A cocoon where the spirit soars, nourishes, rests.

Paris-Saclay, my friends, is a bit more than Europe's largest innovation hub. It's a crossroads where the future, innovation, and humanity intertwine. There, architecture is not just stone, but the reflection of our aspirations. A healthier, more sustainable future is being outlined. Ah, what a time to be alive!

Which architectural innovation in Paris-Saclay inspires you the most and why? What role do you think architecture can play in fostering intercommunity collaboration?

Written by Thomas Vassort
Linear film created in collaboration with Laurence Gras and Boocle
Music by Boocle

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A Not-So-Real-Interview with Homer Simpson

I tried, really tried, to talk to Homer. At his place, in Springfield. For that, I turned myself into a cartoon. And bam! I turned yellow.

I might've exaggerated my attitude a bit. Yeah, I think about my start-up too much. And Homer? Still as cool as ever.

All this to say: a pitch needs to move. It needs to speak to the listener. It has to adapt no matter who you're facing!

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First day, first bet

Ah, what an adventure, my friends, what a flurry of circumstances! The kickoff, as you might guess, has been given.

Imagine. At the dawn of this quest, the first slot seized at dawn, a footprint in the sand of financial time. A quarter of an hour later, just enough time for a strong coffee, the contract landed on my desk. No fuss, no unnecessary verbiage. Boocle has a frontline actor here, already well versed in the mysteries of Boocle technology. Hear ye, brave investors, the time is for boldness, for calculated risk-taking.

For, you see, the convoy of innovation makes no stops. It speeds, it turns, it zigzags towards the constellations of tomorrow. Do not delay.

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And remember: The future is circular
So don't forget: Fundraising's the win

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The D-Day has arrived!

Here is the long-awaited day, D-Day for Boocle. This gem, on the brink of taking off, defies eternity with its art of the perfect, seamless video loop. A tool of our era, skillfully marrying traditional techniques and the splendors of artificial intelligence.

Boocle transcends formats, reinventing time with unprecedented boldness. Repetition, my friends, what persuasion! What more sublime means to capture the very essence of attention, to engrave our presence in the marble of the collective unconscious? Boocle embraces a boundless universe: Art, Luxury, Cinema, not forgetting eco-responsible companies.

The numbers speak for themselves, heralding the dawn of a radiant future. The term "loop" captivates, with its 10 million queries per month across the globe. Boocle's magic, with its 9% opening rate compared to 3% for linear content, illustrates the evolution of our media consumption. Social networks, these new judges of our era, favor the repeated echo of content. For those wishing to dive into the abyss of investment opportunities, to discover Boocle's vision, this auction ballet where the future is shaped.

Ah, the innovation of Boocle! A thrill, a surge. Here, my friends, is a fundraising method that breaks the mold: the sealed bid auction. Picture this. Each investor, in utmost secrecy, slips their offer into the urn of destiny. A subtle game. The opportunity, yes, to shine. To stand out without so much as glancing at the opponent. And then, the grand reveal! All bids, laid out, scrutinized in one fell swoop after the final bell. A dance of numbers, my friends, where every step matters.

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And remember: «The future is circular!»
So don't forget: Fundraisng's the win

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TEDxSaclay: The Imminent Stop of the Gulfstream - Part 2

And here we are again, my dearest, inevitably reunited, like every Monday, to dive into worlds as visible as they are invisible. Armed with our most exuberant dreams, we set out to unravel the enigmas of our era. Together, let's sketch out strategies to outwit the irreversible.

Last week, we brushed upon the thoughts of various minds. Renowned scientists, supercomputers with brains of steel, vigilant journalists. All unanimous about an announced cataclysm: the climate tipping point, the programmed stop of the Gulf Stream, prelude to an ice age.

History whispers to us that this is not the first revolt of our Earth, this living entity that only responds to a presence too often intrusive. The Little Ice Age, between 1300 and 1850, was the theater of harshness and sudden upheavals. The Earth has experienced 8 episodes of rapid glaciation in the last 730,000 years. And we will very soon live the ninth. Europe, as a whole, risks being enveloped in a cloak of ice, potentially up to Spain and Italy.

This cascade of consequences will shake the world: food shortages, scarcity of drinking water, compromised access to energy resources, and drastic reduction of habitable lands. The European peoples might be forced into exodus towards Africa, a land of asylum and promises. Some even see Africa as the future epicenter of global prosperity. Thanks to its vast habitable expanse between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Potentially a haven of peace, sheltered from the global cold.

But then, which path to take? Isn't it premature to give up? Certainly not. The game is not yet lost, provided we do not wait to hit the wall of the inevitable. However, action must be swift, of an unprecedented scale, of enlightened radicality.

Imagining stopping the emission of CO2 on a global scale in a few months borders on utopia. However, there remains a less explored path: that of constructing artificial trees, these carbon sentinels, in a sidereal number. Their primary mission? Capture CO2, this invisible scourge responsible for our dismay.

Born from the mind of Klaus Lackner, a scholar of Arizona State University, in the year of grace 1998, these synthetic trees have since begun to populate our hopes. And here comes, with a youthful momentum, the Mexican startup BioMiTech, offering these captivating CO2 captors on the market. Their destiny? To store, with the support of pioneers such as Carborok, Cryo Pur, or even the giant Air Liquide.

And then, what ambition! Not to be content with confining this captive in the abysses, but to recycle it. Ah, to transform it! Into ethylene, thanks to Dioxycle, into ethanol, through the intermediary of LanzaTech, or even, to make it reborn into textile with Fairbrics. CarbonCure Technologies even goes as far as injecting it into concrete, thus strengthening it.

This project, of global scale, becomes imperative to divert the specter of a foretold disaster.

What international collaborations would be necessary to finance and develop the technology of artificial trees on a global scale? How is the cooperation between the public sector, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations crucial for the success of this initiative? What logistical and technical challenges need to be overcome to make this challenge a possible reality?

Related articles: The Pentagon Report (FR), the Géo article (FR), the BBC article (EN), the Ocean article (EN), the Big Thing article (EN)...

Written by Thomas Vassort
Infinite loop created by Boocle (patented technology)
Music by Guillaume Calfati

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Boocle's Flower of Life loops in the space

D-7 before the roundtable

The time has come, my dear friends, to breathe life and ambition into our rare gem. Boocle, a pioneer in its field, put forward patented seamless video loop solutions, ultra-high-quality, with no limitation on rotation time and unprecedented freedom of movement for subjects, backgrounds and camera. This beacon in the fog, this star in the night of the communication sector, which, despite the storms of fear, the hurricanes of jealousy, is finally ready to spread its majestic wings. The ticking of fate resonates: the adventure begins.

Boocle does not just live with the rhythm of time. It tames, beautifies, and shapes it to inscribe itself in the eternity of the present moment. In this odyssey, the quest is noble: to seek balance, endurance, independence, to offer this innovation in service of life.

Boocle extends its hand, not to just anyone, but to enlightened minds, Corporate Ventures, who share—or do not share—this thirst for technology (cloud, generative artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, and even the magic of quantum). Family Offices too, visionaries, who bet on the future rather than fearing it. And VCs, oh yes, but the chosen ones, who do not bind us to their terms (no Drag Along).

This fundraising, my friends, is not just a simple transaction. It's an auction. An invitation to participate in an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. In exactly seven days, the portal will open for a month and a half of decisions that could well define the next era of digital communication.

Prepare yourselves. Do not miss this chance to inscribe yourselves in the great book of time, to celebrate with Boocle the mathematical, spiritual, geometric, and universal power of the flower of life.

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TEDxSaclay: The Imminent Halt of the Gulf Stream - Part 1

Ah, dear comrades of these exploration Mondays, we find ourselves once again embarked on this odyssey, where the visible meets the invisible, guided by our insatiable thirst for understanding. Let us brandish our drifting buoys, like modern-day alchemists, to grasp, dissect, and then interpret the whims of Mother Nature. Let's delve into the mystery of the Gulf Stream, this taciturn guardian of our climatic balances.

This majestic current, crossing the Atlantic in an underwater round, orchestrates the circulation of air masses between the New World and the old continent. Thanks to it, Europe enjoys an unexpected climatic mildness. You have probably noted, with a hint of surprise, that Paris, despite a latitude similar to that of Montreal, escapes the icy bite of Canadian winters. For this, a warm thank you is due to the Gulf Stream.

Since the second half of the 20th century, the chronicles of our time attest to a weakening of the AMOC, a scholarly jargon designating our dear Gulf Stream. This incessant slowdown, a bitter fruit of global warming, sees the ice melting. Releasing streams of fresh water that, by their lightness, dare to defy the established order of our oceans.

This intrusion, akin to ice water boldly poured into a boiling bath without any movement to homogenize the temperature, results in our feet numbing from the cold while our torso burns with heat. This explains the domes of heat and these glacial episodes which, like unwanted guests, impose themselves recurrently.

The alarm was first sounded in October 2003. "The Pentagon report," by enlightened authors such as #PeterSchwartz and #DougRandall, already warned us. At this contemporary hour, a study, dated July 26, 2023, by Professor Peter Ditlevsen, from the University of Copenhagen (Københavns Universitet) confirms the same concern. And what about the announcement made on the 20 Hours newscast on France 2 on February 15, where the Dutch supercomputer Snellius Eksplorasi Teknologi revealed similar conclusions...

What future then? The Gulf Stream, this celestial river, could stop its course for a century, plunging our world into a new ice age, where each year would distance us by three degrees from a temperate climate, starting to approach the frosts of Antarctica from 2025. The urgency is there, palpable, although the IPCC gives us a reprieve, a fragile hope in this race against time.

Continuation of this journey next Monday!

Written by Thomas Vassort
Infinite loop created by Boocle (patented technology)
Eskimo interpreted by Kareen Frascaria

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TEDxSaclay: UFO

Monday explorers, our quest to unveil the shadow and light of the unknown continues. Let us arm ourselves with our radiotelescope to probe space in order to decipher the links between the visible and the invisible. Together, let's scrutinize the stars in search of extraterrestrial life.

This fascination for the other, for what lies beyond, has ceaselessly animated the scientific community. A quest for universal understanding, to decipher our own existence in the immensity of the cosmos. It's an exploration of biological diversity, an attempt to grasp the fundamental differences between life on Earth and potentially elsewhere. And above all, trying to elucidate the greatest mystery, the origin of life, which remains to be revealed.

Faced with the immensity of the universe, the idea that we are alone defies reason. Testimonies, by the thousands, emerge from all over the world, from civilians as well as military, enriching the file of the inexplicable.

In 1977, a bold move: the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes carry a message intended for possible beings from other worlds. A golden disc presents man and woman, 116 images of our Earth, sounds of our nature, and the music of our geniuses, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. These ambassadors have today crossed 24 billion kilometers through the cosmos.

On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles plays with the collective imagination, simulating an extraterrestrial invasion. Panic seizes the population, illustrating our complex relationship with the idea of extraterrestrials.

We imagine them as blue humanoids, with a voluminous head, large black eyes without eyelids, three fingers on each hand. What if, upon closer scrutiny, we considered an alternative theory?

Human evolution, from our common ancestor with the monkey to homo sapiens, shows constant adaptation. Our appearance refines, our limbs change, our body hair slowly disappears. If this evolution continues, perhaps the image of the extraterrestrial that we project is nothing but a distant projection of ourselves?

Humans of the future having traveled through space and time, having taken a black hole with their spacecraft to meet their ancestors. Hairless, bald. Blue skin, a new color adaptation to live in space. More developed brains, having expanded their cranial boxes. Three fingers, enough to hold, touch, manipulate. Large black eyes, perfect against the glare, when these beings dance near the stars.

Could humanity, one day, master the depths of a black hole to venture through the meanders of space-time? If, in our current era, we could cross this threshold, would we choose to revisit our past, to correct the missteps that have led our quest for wisdom astray? What would we change if we had the power to do so?

Written by Thomas Vassort
Endless loop created by Boocle "patented technology"
Music created by Guillaume Calfati

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Thomas Vassort portrait in a green garden

Know thyself

"Know thyself», Socrates cried, an unshakable pillar of our philosophy, a guide to perhaps more swiftly navigate through life. My dear friends, I have chosen to dye my soul by exploring the mysteries of my being through letters, numbers, and stars.

My name, Thomas, echoes with the sound of faith tested, of belief forged in the crucible of personal and direct experience. It embodies this insatiable quest for truth, both intellectual and spiritual, this drive towards integrity, sincerity in our convictions. "Twin," its etymology tells us, a word heavy with meaning.

As for numbers, the plot thickens. I was born on December 12, 1979, exactly fifty years after my grandmother, that life educator, transmitter of values, born herself on December 12, 1929. She, after having three daughters, hoped for a son she never had. And here I am, inheritor of that day, bearer of her hope. The twelve, omnipresent figure: Twelve hours, twelve months, twelve lunar cycles, twelve apostles, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve Imams of Muhammad, twelve sun gods in Hinduism and twelve Olympian gods. The magic of twelve, obvious, commanding.

Then, astrology revealed an unexpected chapter. Believing myself a Sagittarius, I discovered, amazed, Ophiuchus. Serpent bearer, it evokes healing, wisdom, knowledge of life's mysteries, quest for harmony between dualities, reflecting the virtues of Asclepius.

What mysteries lie in these signs, these numbers, these letters that weave the fabric of our lives!

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TEDxSaclay: The Flowers of the Mountains

Ah, the days fly by, dazzlingly fast, like photons in love with freedom. Dawn graces us, once again, with a luminous spectacle, revealing connections, visible and invisible. Let's put on our hiking shoes and tread these ancestral paths that wind through the mountains. Let's meet the alpine flora, wild and untamed.

The mountain flowers, an extraordinary palette of adaptations, tame the whims of an often hostile environment. They offer us, passionate observers, a living lesson on the echoes between the plant and social worlds.

Take the Rhinanthus, this yellow flower with vampire-like habits, siphoning the vital essence of its hosts. Isn't this a mirror to our own excesses, where the strong feed on the chalice of the weak, in a selfish quest for survival?

As for the purple Saxifraga oppositifolia. It forms protective cushions for its congeners. Isn't this an allegory of our communities, those havens where mutual aid and sharing are pillars, forging microclimates of benevolence in adversity?

And the pink-hued Silene acaulis, with its protective fleece it cultivates to face the icy assaults of the heights. A living image of our ingenuity, weaving clothes and shelters to defy the furies of nature.

The reddish Sempervivum tectorum illustrates our aspiration for enlightened resource management. Its growth, perfectly calculated to allow it to thrive peacefully, is an ode to the circular economy, where nothing is wasted, everything is transformed, for the collective good.

The Senecio cambrensis in shades of yellow, demonstrates bold genetic hybridization with other flowers of its species, reminding us that the mixing of cultures is a source of mutual enrichment, flourishing diversity, a catalyst for innovations and evolutions.

The immaculate violet Orchis mascula, in perfect symbiosis with the fungi that surround it, is a hymn to cooperation. A metaphor for our social interdependencies, where mutual support and collaboration are key to overcoming challenges and obstacles.

Thus, revealed under the caresses of the sun, are the daily miracles of nature. Lessons of life, woven in the silence of the altitudes, inviting us to reflection, to admiration.

Do the perfect cycles of nature, from germination to flowering and up to decomposition, testify to a greater design, a pre-established harmony?

If the Earth produces miracles every day, should we not consider these phenomena as messages, invitations to recognize and celebrate something that transcends our immediate understanding?

Written by Thomas Vassort
Linear film created by Boocle

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Cinemagraph Earth shut-down

Red Alert!!!

Once again, the climate sends us its impassioned calls, signals that, in a nearly mythical stubbornness, we choose to ignore. Take France, for instance, where the state's leadership, in a move that raises eyebrows, seems to pit agriculture against ecology. The decision to reintroduce the use of some of the most harmful substances in the world on our lands rightly sparks outrage. It's a course of action that, for a few coins, might well hasten our valiant farmers into the merciless arms of devastating diseases.

But the picture darkens further when we consider the state of our Earth, brushing against its own limits, weary of our outsized pride. For years, I have been emphasizing this point: the planet, this vibrant entity, might well rise against the arrogance of its own offspring. The melting of glaciers, icebergs, and ice caps is but the prelude to a deeper change. Freshwater, as it flows into the oceans, does not mix with salt water, subtly disrupting marine currents that have been slowing down insidiously for decades.

The critical moment is approaching. The marine currents, those arteries of our climatic system, threaten to stop their vital dance. The Earth, like a living organism, prepares to repel those it nourished but who no longer respect it. Ages of glaciation could well return, extending their icy chill for perhaps a century. History whispers to us that this is not a first. To glimpse our future, a look at the past suffices.

In Europe, the thermometer could well drop by three degrees each year. It is late, very late. The time for action is now, not tomorrow. I implore you, let us act for our survival. Here lies a challenge that defies understanding, a test of our collective wisdom.

Some eloquent links:

The Guardian article, the BBC article, the Ocean article and the Big Think article !

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TEDxSaclay: Spirit, are you there?

This Monday wears a uniquely peculiar hue. To unravel the ties of the visible and the invisible, we were seized, my friends, by an irresistible impulse: that of summoning the beyond. With a ouija under our trembling fingers in anticipation, we made the call. "Spirit, are you there?... Spirit, are you among us?" And behold, oh surprise, a presence seems to brush against our reality. It seems, yes, it really seems that a communication is established!

Dear posterity,

I am addressing you from a place beyond time and space, a place where the past, present, and future intertwine in an eternal embrace. My name is Albert Einstein, and although my body has long joined the stars, my spirit remains concerned about the future of humanity.

In my earthly life, I sought to unveil the mysteries of the universe, to understand the fabric upon which our reality is woven. Among my many discoveries, a formula emerged, simple in appearance, but of immeasurable scope: E=mc².

However, with great sadness, I observed in my lifetime how this knowledge was diverted to create the most destructive weapon humanity has ever known: the nuclear bomb. This was not my intention. I dreamed of a world where science would bring peace and progress, not desolation and fear. Today, I return from the dead for a moment, driven by an urgency that transcends the boundaries of the beyond, for I fear once again for the future of humanity.

The advent of artificial intelligence coupled with robotics opens horizons of unimaginable opportunities, but also abysses of potential dangers. You stand at the dawn of a new era, where the machines you have created could not only surpass our intelligence but also challenge your control in a frightening way. I am driven by the fear of warrior robots defying the ethical principles of Asimov intended to protect us.

Faced with the growing threat of deepfakes leading to potential mass manipulation, the urgency of adopting blockchain markers to distinguish the true from the false becomes crucial, thus preserving the essence of your reality and the veracity of discourse in this new technological frontier.

On the threshold of a new era, shaped by artificial intelligence and robotics, we glimpse a universe of unprecedented opportunities, but also chasms of risks. The possibility of machines surpassing our intelligence and escaping our control awakens deep concern, notably the fear of warrior robots defying Asimov's ethical principles intended to protect us. Faced with the growing threat of deepfakes and mass manipulation, the urgency of adopting blockchain markers to distinguish the true from the false becomes crucial, thus preserving the essence of our reality and the veracity of our discourse in this new technological frontier.

In the meanderings of the spirits surrounding me, I have met Nostradamus, this visionary of the past whose prophecies have shaken the centuries. He too expresses his concern for your era. Once, he had seen in a dream the shadow looming over your future, a shadow born of human arrogance and its thirst for power. Together, we urge you to be cautious, not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

You are the guardians of your destiny, the architects of your future. It is up to you to embrace the complexity of your world with wisdom, compassion, and courage. Science, in all its splendor, must be guided by strict ethics, a visionary policy, and a deep respect for life in all its forms.

If you do not become more just, more peaceful, and generally more rational than we have been or you are, then may the devil take us.

I am, I was, and I will be,
Your Albert Einstein

Written by Thomas Vassort
Loop created by Boocle

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TEDxSaclay: Atlantis!

Ah, allow me to invite you, at the start of this week, on an extraordinary journey, a dizzying dive into the abysses of time. Imagine a machine that takes us back through the centuries, propelling us towards the mysteries of a vanished civilization: Atlantis. A name that stirs the soul, doesn't it?

This tale, my friends, comes to us from Plato, the philosopher of antiquity, who, in his dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias", tells us of a mythological prodigious island, erected beyond the Pillars of Hercules. A civilization, he said, engulfed "in a single day and night of misfortune".

Ah, Atlantis! A world where the visible and the invisible danced in an almost divine harmony. The Atlanteans, beings of spectacular advancement, both in terms of spirit and technology. A society of unheard-of sophistication, with its majestic architecture, its canals that defied understanding, a technology that, let's dare to say, surpassed our modernity.

Plato paints us a picture of a dream city, a palace surrounded by rings of water and earth, connected to the great ocean by a majestic canal. But let's go further in our imagination. Think of Atlantean technology, a nearly poetic vision of science: free energy, levitation, crystallography that would envy our wildest inventions, and that capability, almost divine, to manipulate time and space.

The true genius of Atlantis, you see, lies in this link woven between the tangible world and that, more ethereal, of the invisible. The Atlanteans, according to some scholars, possessed the key to navigate between these two realities, using their knowledge not only to shape matter but to reach heights of spirituality, to travel in unexplored dimensions, communicate with entities from other worlds.

This fall, my dear readers, was not only that of a land swallowed by the waters, but that of precious knowledge, a lost harmony between man, nature, and the universe as a whole. Atlantis thus remains a powerful symbol, a reminder of our highest aspirations, but also of the perils of human pride, our tendency to stray from true spiritual principles.

There you have it, my friends, a brief summary of the story of Atlantis. Not just a simple tale, but a mirror of our own quest.

Written by Thomas Vassort
Loop created by Boocle

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TEDxSaclay: Micro, Macro

Dear adventurers at heart, we are back in the jungle of the visible and the invisible. Let's open the path with our machetes to discover new passages in this mysterious world. Let's uncover the fabulous link between the smallest and the greatest. Yes, let's open the doors of perception to embrace the sacred union from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

Imagine, if you will, this infinite web woven by neurons in the sanctuary of our mind. A network so vast, so intricate, it evokes the galactic clusters that edge the velvet of space. From neurons to galaxies, bridges are built, invisible but undeniable, traced by the invisible hands of universal laws.

And these galaxies, my friends, these dancing spirals that punctuate the ether, are they not the echo of the whirlpools formed by water escaping into oblivion? These spirals, manifestations of diverging scales, united by rotation, the conservation of angular momentum, whisper to us the secrets of the universe, in a language common to all matter.

Let's continue this reflection with atoms, those elementary particles, swirling around their nucleus like planets orbiting their star. Their dance is a miniature of the celestial ballet, a symphony where each note, though distinct, contributes to the harmony of the cosmos.

Consider the Earth, our home, and the cell, the cradle of life. Each delineates a universe, protected by an envelope, be it membranous or atmospheric. Here again, the small reflects the large, in perfect symmetry of intention and function.

And us? Ah, we, ephemeral actors on this cosmic stage, what is our nature? Are we beings in symbiosis or invaders? This analogy with microbes prompts us to introspection: do we live in harmony with our host, or do we consume it to its loss? There are microbes that coexist peacefully, and others that, insatiable, constantly seek to conquer new territories.

Here, dear friends, lies our quest. By exploring the links between the minuscule and the immense, we discover not only the wonders of the universe but also the choices that shape our journey through it.

In this reflection on the micro and the macro, we are invited to choose our path, with the wisdom and caution of those who know that every action resonates through infinity.

Written by Thomas Vassort
Linear film created by Boocle
Soundtrack created by Guillaume Calfati

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New Site - New Skin

Ah, what joy it is to announce a digital rebirth, a transformation of Boocle's website! This platform, flamboyant and rich in information, has just blossomed in the digital universe. It reveals to you, with discreet elegance, the finest metrics, those numbers that, like bright stars, will guide your steps in the night.

This site, like a skilled tailor, unveils the services of Boocle in all their aspects, with the precision of a goldsmith. A personal space is also dedicated there, where my pen has allowed itself some liberties, a playfulness to brighten this digital world.

Additionally, we proudly introduce the pioneering Lab Boocle AI. A service innovatively creating loops 100% powered by artificial intelligence, heralding a new era of excellence.

But, my dear friends, the most exhilarating novelty lies in our extension beyond the borders of luxury, art, and cinema. Boocle now opens its doors to eco-responsible companies, those that, with bravery and commitment, shape a greener future. Boocle welcomes them with open arms, placing them on the same level as the spheres of the elite.

So, do not hesitate any longer. Turn to Boocle to transform your visions into realities. For, I tell you with conviction, the future is circular, an endless loop of renewal and progress.

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Cinemagraph ecological clock

TEDxSaclay - The Zeitgeist

Ah, here we are again, inexorably, on the first day of the week. Dear explorers, equip yourselves with your compass to navigate the path of the visible and the invisible. Let's explore together the Zeitgeist!

Ah, this delightful air that nestles beneath our eyes, like a subtle fragrance we perceive without identifying its source. It is the opportune moment to do things. It undoubtedly inspires inventors, artists, philosophers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and heads of state.

To feel it, to perceive it, one must broaden one's temporal window. Understand everything that happened before. Comprehend the plot, the logic, the matrix. But also understand the long-term goal of one's domain. And slowly but surely, the Zeitgeist takes shape. The opportune moment to bring the right idea at the right time.

Naturally, it's all a matter of timing. Being too ahead will leave you misunderstood, and being late will simply make you miss the train or be a mere follower, obliging you to gather only the crumbs.

Some notable examples: the Minitel, initiated by France Telecom in the 1980s, paved the way for the Internet. The famous smart card, invented by the Frenchman Roland Moreno in 1970, eventually gained traction in the United States. The Belgian-French inventor Étienne Lenoir created the first internal combustion engine in 1860, but it was the German engineer Nikolaus Otto who perfected and popularized the concept. The Lumière brothers invented cinema in 1895, and once again, it was the USA that knew how to exploit this mine. And we could continue indefinitely in this manner.

This proves that in Europe, we are more followers than pioneers. We need to verify that things work elsewhere before adopting new technologies. It's a shame because it inevitably puts us behind the train of innovation.

It's said that the USA is 10 years ahead of us. That's why many people automatically look to the United States to see what works and replicate the model in Europe.

Yet, allow me to narrow the focus on France. We are not lacking in innovators, creators, or time sentinels. France, through its language and culture, enjoys rejecting conventions, deeply reflecting on subjects, and consequently discovering previously undiscovered gems.

So, to conclude this post, allow me this reflection. Having the soil and the seeds is essential and profoundly valuable, but allowing ourselves to water them to make these extraordinary inventions grow is indispensable. And undoubtedly, we have never succeeded in doing that.

Written by Thomas Vassort #madewithai
Illustration created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #visible #invisible #zeitgeist #innovation

Cinemagraph of Isaac Newton

TEDxSaclay - The Rainbow

A new week, in this fascinating world where the invisible and visible intertwine. A theme that is an endless well, dear friends!

In these days when the sky is adorned with gray, cold, and diffuse melancholy. Let's color our imagination. Let's explore together the magic of rainbows.

In 1704, Isaac Newton in his work "Opticks", demonstrated how white light, in an embrace with a prism, reveals itself in a spectrum of colors. This phenomenon, as you know, occurs when rain and sun meet. The sunlight, passing through water droplets, diffracts and bursts the composition of this white light into all the colors of the rainbow.

Are you familiar with the lunar rainbow? This phenomenon, a cousin of the first, is born from the light of the moon. And seen from an airplane, believe it or not, the rainbow turns into a perfect circle.

The technological applications, dear explorers, are as diverse as they are astonishing. Take optical fiber, which employs this same principle to transmit light over long distances. In photography, cinema, and ophthalmology, lenses use refraction and dispersion to sculpt light. Meteorology, too, draws inspiration from light dispersion to probe the secrets of the atmosphere. And in the scientific world, telescopes, microscopes, stethoscopes... all benefit from these mechanisms. We could go on for a long time: screens, holograms, light shows at your favorite concerts...

This mysterious phenomenon has, of course, fed myths and beliefs. In Greek mythology, Homer's Iliad speaks of Iris, the rainbow goddess, messenger between gods and humans. In Norse mythology, the Bifröst, this rainbow bridge, also connects the world of men to that of the gods. And in some Native American cultures, the rainbow is a sign of life, a bridge between several worlds.

Literature has embraced it with delight. Wordsworth, in "My Heart Leaps Up", celebrates joy and connection with nature in front of a rainbow. Baum's "The Wizard of Oz" turns the rainbow into a path to a world of dreams.

Culturally, the rainbow is an emblem of the LGBTQ+ community, symbolizing diversity and acceptance.

Finally, the tale of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, from Irish folklore, evokes the quest for riches and happiness, the allure of the unattainable, and the dream.

There you have it, dear friends, an overview of the rainbow, this phenomenon that marvels and inspires.

How could rainbows be used to address environmental or climate issues? If you could travel on a rainbow like in a fairy tale, where would it take you?

Written by Thomas Vassort
Cinemagraph of Isaac Newton created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #visible #invisible #rainbow #boocle #loop

Endless Loop of the Paradoxical Gratitude

TEDxSaclay - PTSD

Ah, Monday, that unique day where adventure and discovery intertwine. Today, let's explore once again the upcoming theme of TEDxSaclay so dear to our hearts: "Between Visible and Invisible".

Let's address the disability, both visible and invisible, through the prism of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD). These disorders, far from being exclusive to war witnesses, affect victims of terrorist attacks, police officers, firefighters, women victims of sexual assault, bullied children, mistreated employees, all susceptible to suffering from this ailment.

These PTSDs, the result of a complex psychological process, are sometimes underestimated in modern psychiatry. Yet, they represent a tangible reality, often hidden in the subconscious. The works of great psychiatrists such as Freud, Bessoles, Canini, Trousselard, guide us on this tortuous path to healing.

The reconstruction after PTSD can be mapped by a clock, where each hour represents a stage of a reparative cycle, each marked by words oscillating between depersonalization and derealization.

12h - Traumatic event: Heartbreak, bitterness, vain hope & affliction.
1h - Stupor: Mourning, non-recognition of loss, futile efforts of expulsion & blank moment.
2h - Denial: Soldier's heart, futile and absurd act, emotional relationship & verification.
3h - Insomnia: Loss of senses and bearings, search for return & corpse in the closet.
4h - Sadness: Alteration of self-perception, pain affect & invasion.
5h - Resignation: Pleasure, displeasure, numbness & fatalism.
6h - Paradoxical Gratitude: Fusion grip, alteration of emotions & tipping point.
7h - Intrusion: Living in a dream, vulnerable self-conduct & unrepresentable real.
8h - Omniscience: Golden eyes, transient relief & ultra-clairvoyance.
9h - Resilience: Chasing the past, anticipating the future, temporality & stability.
10h - Immortality: Discovery of the unknown, wisdom, connection of the higher self & announcement of change.
11h - Resurrection: Resurrection of feelings, liberation & bust of Adonis.

These stages are a metaphor for the healing process. Each stage can be salvific or trap us for eternity. Man, in his quest for peace, remains and fights courageously to save himself from himself. It is an emotional journey, a path full of obstacles but essential.

This adventure marks the beginnings of quantum physics and, hopefully, the last hypothesis featuring a cat. Inspired by this theory, we have created a Christmas tree that symbolizes the survival and proliferation of our dear feline.

PTSD is not an end in itself, but a journey towards rebirth. Man, like a resurrected Adonis, overcomes his trials and reveals himself, transformed, stronger once rebuilt.

In this loop, the subtle interconnection between the stage of paradoxical gratitude and its representation is revealed as complex and nuanced. Initially, the message seems veiled, slightly opaque, reflecting a form of confusion inherent in the viewer's experience.

However, this apparent nebulousness is actually a meticulous representation of the process of tipping towards personal reconstruction. Chromatic changes, variations in posture, the bright red sofa, the captured anachronism, and the repletion of this timelessness illustrate the mechanism of this fundamental stage.

These elements do not dictate a precise path but rather illuminate it, inviting the viewer to traverse it autonomously, thus evoking a dream directed by the unconscious.

This illustration is an allegory of the interaction between art, the subconscious, and the stages of healing in the context of PTSD, offering a window into the complexity of the human mind in search of meaning and reconciliation with itself.

How can we, as a society, better recognize and support those suffering from PTSD? What roles can the arts and literature play in the healing process of PTSD?

Written by Thomas Vassort #madewithai
Endless Loop created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #PTSD #cycle #visible #invisible

TEDxSaclay: Science Fiction

Every beginning of the week unveils a new mystery on the theme of TedxSaclay 2024: "Between Visible and Invisible". Armed with our flashlights, let's follow this nocturnal path together to try to uncover the secrets of the stars: the link between innovation and science fiction.

Each inventor draws from a reservoir of inspirations, fed by the needs of society, their own aspirations, but often also by science fiction. Take, for example, the mobile phone. Giants such as Alcatel, Nokia, Samsung, Apple, all seem to have drawn from the same source. "Star Trek", aired in 1960, introduced the revolutionary concept of a compact and wireless communication device. Stanley Kubrick, with "2001: A Space Odyssey", prefigured the advent of voice assistants linked to artificial intelligence, similar to Siri or Alexa.

Sometimes, however, it's not the chicken that makes the egg, but the egg that makes the chicken. The advent of the Internet and virtual reality has inspired works such as "The Matrix" or "Avalon", exploring parallel virtual worlds. Stunning advancements in genetics have fueled "Gattaca", envisioning a society where genetic manipulation determines everyone's fate.

All that we have discovered is, naturally, visible. What remains to be discovered lies in the invisible.

Consider time travel, many times explored in our cult films. What scientist has not been inspired by "Back to the Future"? Doesn't "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", by François Truffaut, pave the way to one day communicate with extraterrestrials?

But the interactions between science fiction and innovation don't stop there. Science fiction also alerts us to the possible pitfalls of innovations. George Orwell, on his hospital bed, wrote a prophetic vision. In "1984", published in 1949, Orwell paints with astonishing accuracy our contemporary society. The telescreen, eerily similar to our televisions, the use of Newspeak, where words are devalued, the rise of extremes, and, of course, the famous: "Big Brother is watching you".

Our inventors, screenwriters, directors are inexhaustible wells of knowledge, guiding us, allowing us to evolve or regress, depending on the choices humanity makes to shape our present and future.

Written by Thomas Vassort hashtag#madewithai Infinite loop created by Boocle (patented technology)

Thanks to Lionel Delfini and Ronan Bremond for their artistic advice. Thanks to Christophe Vassort for his direction (finally, of a robot).

#TEDxSaclay #sciencefiction #innovation #visible #invisible

Rome's Colloseum

How Boocle stand up to Meta's empire!

Ah, what an epic saga we are living, my friends! Here is the second round where Goliath, with his Herculean strength, delivers his third ipercute to David. And, by Jupiter, what a painful strike! For the uninitiated, here's the crux of the matter: Meta, like a Roman emperor, has declared war on Boocle.

This battle, worthy of the greatest ancient tragedies, began with a chance meeting at Viva Technology, at Meta's pavilion, with a French emissary of this entity (whose name I shall withhold). A breakfast at Café de la Paix, oh sweet irony of fate, followed. Then, a series of email discussions took place, contemplating an alliance between Meta and Boocle. But, like a thunderbolt from Zeus, Meta decided: Boocle is too niche for their empire of 4.6 billion souls. "We opt for more universal technologies," they declared. What response to give to that? Of course, I retaliated, armed with objective and detailed reasoning, but to no avail.

Then, about six weeks after their refusal, three months after my commercial presentation. Meta launched an advertisement exploiting the technology and concept of Boocle, described in a previous post (on the blog - startup category - 26 July - Boocle Freeze Frame). A blatant act of plagiarism! So, that was the second round.

The first had begun when I transformed my personal photography account into a standard for Boocle. Certainly, not an overwhelming fame, but sufficient for my cause. However, Meta reacted with a shadow ban, relegating me to the shadows of their algorithms. My statistics, after a detailed analysis, testified to this: From 1000 likes per photo to a mere handful (5). But then, the third round? Ah, an exquisite play! Faced with cybersecurity issues, I strengthened my defenses, notably with two-factor authentication. But alas, it was impossible to connect to Instagram, even with the correct password. Instagram obstinately refused the code from the third-party application. Ten attempts, ten failures. And so, the curtain falls on the third round: Exclusion! Attached, the screenshot of the refused code.

Dear Elon Musk, had you really considered a bare-knuckle fight in the Colosseum of Rome against Mark Zuckerberg? What would you say if I were your sword in this arena?

#boocle #meta #david #goliath #round #colosseum

ultra realistic detail of a maryline by MJ

MidJourney just broke the sound barrier

Ah, my friends, let me enlighten you about a technological revelation that is shaking our perception of reality. Imagine, if you will, the V6 of MidJourney on the brink of its unveiling. A feat, my dears, reminiscent of the power of a Ferrari V6 engine.

As a former fashion photographer, I recall the passionate debates of the digital era. The quest for realism, a constant duel between the raw truth of the image and its skillfully retouched alter ego. Art, you see, is not about abandoning tools like Photoshop. But mastering them with such subtlety that they blend into the work, invisible. Preserving optimal realism, that is the goal. As my photographer mentor, Serge Guerand, used to say, "You have to know the technique in order to forget it."

Midjourney V6 embodies this philosophy with a striking fidelity to reality. And now, a riddle for our gaze: Distinguishing the work of AI from that of a Leica camera. A feat accomplished in just a few months! Artificial intelligence, undoubtedly, is a true particle accelerator. Let's embark on this train of innovation, or else we will remain at the station, eternal spectators of a world in flux.

#midjourney #ai #v6 #superrealistic #fast

Endless loop of some cats for Christmas

TEDxSaclay - Christmas present

My beautiful fir, king of the forests, how I love your greenery… In this festive season, the TEDxSaclay team sends you its warmest wishes. May your Christmas be filled with conviviality, love, and gifts, each more original than the last!

And let's talk about our gift, a bit unusual: an assembly of Schrödinger's cats. But, you might ask, what is that? Ah, the question is as sharp as a silk thread. The famous Schrödinger's cat, the first illustration of quantum reality, so alien to our everyday life. Quantum, where a photon can be in two places at once, thus revealing the existence of multiple spacetimes.

But why introduce a cat into this equation? Sometimes, scientific inspiration flirts with the absurd. This idea is the twinkling star at the top of the Christmas tree! Imagined by a certain Erwan, it consisted of enclosing a cat with a photon, a hammer, a vial of poison, and a Geiger counter in a sumptuously wrapped gift. Fortunately, this experiment remained in the realm of imagination.

Merry Christmas, children.

This concept demonstrates that, depending on the state of the photon, two realities coexist: in one, the cat triggers the deadly mechanism; in the other, it remains unharmed. Thus, the cat is both alive and dead.

Merry Christmas, children!

This adventure marks the beginnings of quantum physics and, hopefully, the last hypothesis featuring a cat. Inspired by this theory, we have created a Christmas tree that symbolizes the survival and proliferation of our dear feline.

Merry Christmas to one and all!!

Written by Thomas Vassort
Illustration created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #quantum #christmas #schrodinger #cats

An friend turned Jedi!

Dear subscribers, as promised and in a now monthly tradition. I bring to life a deepfake to honor my most loyal supporter. This month, the Oscar goes to Sandrine Foucher, a fortuitous yet significant encounter in Saclay.

She had nothing to sell to me, I had nothing to sell to her, we talked for hours. Sandrine, a personality brimming with vitality, curiosity, and boundless generosity, captures my attention. I admit, I am always drawn to such vibrant souls. At the heart of our exchanges, shared ethics and mutual respect, fundamental values to gain my trust. Thus, from this meeting was born a friendship, I hope, everlasting.

In this deepfake, a cutting-edge tool allowed me to subtly analyze her profile, a mapping of her essence which I am proud to say, matches my intuition. A second tool then identified a dozen film characters that correspond to her. After discussion, we chose Rey, the illustrious Jedi heroine of Star Wars. Sandrine, may the force be with you!

#boocle #loop #deepfake #rey #starwars

Infinite loop of me in a Lamborghini

An Unexpected Turn

Ah, a singular day, where I, drawing from my modest experiences, attempt to transmit some tips gleaned throughout my journey. Imagine, at that time, commissioned by Sport&Style, I find myself at the Castellet circuit to sketch a portrait of Alexander Hayek, the eminent director of Blancpain.

For this occasion, he distinguished himself as the driver of a splendid Lamborghini on this legendary circuit. I, usually a stranger to opulence and tuning. Over the last decade, I have learned to shed all material excess to focus on what's essential. But I must admit, that day, it wasn't Mr. Hayek I fell hopelessly in love with, but rather his Lamborghini.

A fleeting love, alas, since I had to part with it just at the start of our encounter. But let's admit it, some pleasures are better left unsatisfied, especially when the wallet does not allow it.

During this adventure, my guide for the day, Hugo Dasilva, generously granted me the use of a grey convertible Lamborghini. Notice how I am in harmony with its orange disc brakes. My Rayban Farmer T-shirt and sunglasses with orange-tinted lenses match perfectly! We then traveled the roads of Provence to test the beast.

I remember, passing by a duo of policemen in a small village, "sport" mode activated, a mode which, as they say, amplifies the engine's purr. Well, my dear readers, the astonished look of these road sentinels, mouths slightly agape, was a spectacle in itself. The Lamborghini effect, I suppose...

#boocle #loop #blancpain #lamborghini #castellet #hayek

Une statue de la Deese Mère en cinemagraph.

What if God was a woman?

In the shadow of the night soon enveloping the world in this Christmas season, the birth of Jesus is shrouded in mystery. The dates fluctuate: March 25th, perhaps April 19th, or even May 20th, and some even whisper between the years -4 and -6. Like a secret lost in the winds of time.

For my part, I do not kneel before the altar of God, a legacy left by my father, a warrior of imagery, a cameraman in the battlefields. He taught me a lesson: Religion often a cradle of death through so many wars across the wise on our planet. Without baptism, he gave me the choice to carve my own spiritual path. My journey has led me through deserts and mountains, to the discovery of unknown worlds: Judaism under the sun of Israel, Islam in the enchanting alleys of Morocco, Copts on the road to Wadi El Natroun in Egypt, Buddhism in the serenity of Thailand, Christianity across the United States. Nuggets of wisdom wrapped in an enigma: This tenacious difficulty in embracing the other, the foreigner, the infidel.

Then, one day, paganism revealed its secrets to me during a summer solstice, a ritual as ancient as the Vikings. I dove into the depths of its history, discovering that pagans once reigned over Europe, before the rise of the Christian god. The Romans, hungry for conquest, seized this faith, transforming pagan symbols into tools of domination. The trident turned into the devil's fork. The five-pointed pagan star into a symbol of black magic.

Paganism celebrated the elements: Air, earth, fire, and water. And with the woman, the source of life, at the center. A cruel irony followed: Islam veiled the woman, Christianity denied marriage to its servants.

And here is my truth, hidden from the eyes of the world: A god or goddess is not to be sought in the clouds, but beneath our feet. The Earth, a nurturing mother, protector, sometimes angry, but always teaching. She tells us her past, shows us the present, and spares us not from the future. Yet, blinded, we devour her, mistreat her. She begins to reveal her power, her limits, a warning we pretend to ignore.

My goddess, the Earth, a powerful feminine symbol, is the compass of my soul.

Cinemagraph illustration of the mother goddess.

#mystery #nature #earth #pagan #boocle #loop

Boomerang flower art.

The Secret Tango of Art and Luxury

Ah, what a strange ballet between luxury and art, isn't it? In the golden nooks of our streets, where shop windows shimmer with a thousand lights, a dance unfolds, discreet yet intense. Art, in its majestic and silent splendor, joins the ball of luxury. But, oh surprise, it does not attract it, it soothes it!

Here's a revelation, my dear friends: Indulging in art is like drinking an elixir that tempers our desires for splendor and glitter. Art is not just a delight for the eyes; it's a caress to the soul that elevates us, makes us see beyond the tangible, the material. In the presence of art, it's not our wallet that stirs, but our spirit that soars.

Luxury boutiques, these temples of high-end consumption, have perceived this paradox. They host artworks, but, oh, the irony of fate, it does not always stimulate the desire to spend. On the contrary, it invites serene contemplation, a moment of transcendence where the desire for status softly fades away. And if we look closer, the interest in these coveted objects crumbles when art is admired for itself, and not as a mere ornament.

It's a fascinating lesson: In art, there's a quiet force that, far from pushing us to consume, invites us to reflect, to feel, to be. In the end, art and luxury dance a complex tango. One attracts the other, but at what price? Luxury, when draped in art, can lose its ephemeral appeal. And we, as spectators of this spectacle, discover that true beauty, the one that touches the soul, is priceless.

So, my dear ones, next time you stroll through these alleys where luxury and art mingle, ask yourself: What truly captivates my gaze, my heart? Is it the brilliance of an object or the depth of a work? The answer might surprise you.

And if you wish to delve deeper into the subject, check out the article from the Journal of Consumer Research.

#boocle #boomerang #art #luxury #tango

A woman contemplating a landscape sculpted with the golden ratio

TEDxSaclay - The Golden Ratio

Ah, the first day of the week, that famous Monday, where our souls oscillate between reluctance and fervor, depending on the passion that fuels our activities. Today, let's embark on a fascinating exploration of the theme "Between Visible and Invisible," announced for the next TEDxSaclay.

Dive into the universe of mysteries with an enchanting number, a number that seems to govern the universe: the golden ratio.

This divine proportion stems from the Fibonacci sequence, where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... And behold, the golden ratio unveils itself, 1.61803398875, a transcendental value, an irreducible fraction of creation.

This number, not just a mere integer, symbolizes harmony in abstraction. It intrigues, fascinates, challenges mathematicians, artists, philosophers, economists, and many more. Why? Because it orders the universe. Graphically represented, it draws an infinite spiral, an eternal embrace of geometry and the cosmos.

This spiral is found everywhere: in a goat's horn, the petals of a flower, the gap between our fingers, our limbs, and even in the majestic unfolding of our galaxy. In art, this proportion is a silent guide, defining harmonious dimensions in the paintings of masters, in photography, cinema, sculpture, and architecture.

Consider a room 2.20 meters high. You enter and immediately feel comfort, a perfect fit with your being. But change these dimensions, and suddenly there's oppression or disorientation. The golden ratio, like a conductor, seems to direct our emotions, our perceptions, our place in the infinite cosmos.

Thus, the golden ratio, far from being a mere calculation, is a guiding thread in the very fabric of existence, uniting art, science, and nature in an elusive but omnipresent harmony.

If the golden ratio governs the universe, could it also influence our decisions and destiny? If it's present in nature, how does it challenge our understanding of randomness and chaos? If there is a god, could they ultimately be a mathematician?

Written by Thomas Vassort Illustration created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #visible #invisible #fibonacci #universalLaw

An astronaut repairing a satellite in space

TEDxSaclay - Space

Hello, dear innovation enthusiasts! Today, let's explore space, this infinite theater of scientific and technological advances. Space, long the preserve of institutions, is transforming. It is now opening up to commerce, a revolution that has been brewing for twenty years. But a challenge remains: making space accessible at a lower cost. Imagine transporting to the stars as easily as we navigate Earth's oceans.

Orbital services, that's our future. They are multiplying, promising a future brimming with projects. Startups are divided into two spheres: those that propel us into space, and those that deploy their services there.

Paris-Saclay shines brightly with its innovative startups. On one hand, we have Exotrail, a visionary in space propulsion. They design systems that allow satellites to reach their orbit with surgical precision. On the other hand, ArcSpace, this daring startup, plans to shape satellites in the cosmos. The goal? Spacecraft of unprecedented scale, far exceeding current sizes.

Our satellites, these valiant explorers of the infinite, suffer from a limited lifespan. The mission: to refuel them in orbit to prolong their celestial adventure.

Space navigates between civilian and military realms. Satellites, once peaceful messengers, sometimes become armed guardians of the cosmos. Their destruction leads to a chaotic ballet of debris, a danger to their orbital companions.

The Moon and Mars, no man's lands, arouse covetousness and debate. Who will govern these virgin spaces? A fragile consensus strives to prevent their militarization, but the stakes remain colossal.

Around our planet floats a cloud of debris, the legacy of our space ambitions. The solution? Special missions to clean up this cumbersome heritage. But unfortunately, we are still far from having found effective solutions.

In the vastness of space, the CNRS - National Centre for Scientific Research and the European Space Agency - ESA illuminate the firmament of research. Their quest? To unravel celestial mysteries. Thomas Pesquet, an ESA astronaut, embodies this adventure. This modern hero reminds us that space is both a scientific challenge and a human odyssey.

Thanks to Guillaume Mohara, CEO of ArcSpace, for responding to our interview and enlightening us on the mapping of the future of space.

Written by Thomas Vassort Illustration created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #space #conquest #parissaclay #boocle

Quantum represented by a pink ball bouncing on Penrose stairs

TEDxSaclay - Quantum

New week, new horizons in innovation! Ah, dear friends of curiosity. Here comes a sparkling Monday, get ready to dive into a universe worthy of the greatest science fiction stories. At TEDxSaclay, we question the impact of quantum on the living world.

Quantum: A world of mysteries and miracles... Imagine a space where nature dances to a music with unpredictable notes. That's the quantum world! It was Max Planck, in 1900, who lifted the curtain on this fascinating scene. He revealed a secret: energy, instead of flowing in a continuous stream, leaps and bounces like an agile dancer on the steps of a staircase.

The race is thrilling towards the future in a frenzied quest. Technology giants, like mythological figures such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Intel Corporation are embarking on an epic race to shape the ultimate quantum computer. These machines, oh, they are not just assemblies of circuits and wires. They are the modern oracles, capable of deciphering enigmas in the blink of an eye, mysteries that would take an eternity for our classical computers.

France, a true star in the quantum sky, holds a prominent place. Quandela and PASQAL, shining brightly on the most important innovation site in Europe: Paris-Saclay. At the forefront of this sector, which will undoubtedly be our next technological revolution. Pasqal, even hailed by a Nobel Prize laureate...

Couple artificial intelligence with quantum, and the possibilities are multiplied. Imagine robots, systems, learning and adapting with unprecedented agility. In biotechnology, we could unveil the most intimate secrets of life. And in space, envision travel and communications of unmatched speed and uniqueness.

Quantum, savior of our climate? Quantum technology could be our knight in the battle against the climate crisis. How? By modeling the complex whims of the climate, optimizing the use of renewable energies, and even discovering new ways to capture atmospheric carbon.

How will these quantum supercomputers transform our daily lives? What mysteries do scientists still need to unravel to make them accessible to everyone? And how to ensure that this phenomenal power is used for the common good, without compromising our security or privacy?

Written by Thomas Vassort Illustration created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #quantum #innovation #technologicalrevolution #quandela #pasqal

TEDxSaclay in Matrix

TEDxSaclay - Dataism

Monday marks a new week of exploration in the field of innovation, especially dedicated to the living. Currently, the role of algorithms in our digital life is attracting increasing interest. With the rise of reliance on social networks in France, where 80% of citizens get their information from these platforms. Algorithms play a crucial role in determining the content users see, often based on their personal data.

The concept of dataism, related to techno-humanism, proposes an approach where data and information are paramount. This philosophy suggests that humans, after having played their role in the universe, should give way to new forms of data-centric existence. Dataism adherents, doubting human wisdom, place their trust in Big Data and algorithms to convert data into knowledge.

Dataism envisions a future where the Internet would connect not only media but also objects, trees, animals, thus turning all existence into data. However, this vision raises concerns. If algorithms became dominant, humanity could be reduced to mere data.

Several questions arise: Are living organisms just algorithms? What is more valuable, intelligence or consciousness? How will our society evolve if non-conscious algorithms know us better than we know ourselves?

But what are the values that guide transhumanism? Enhancement of humans through technology, fusion of man and machine, and surpassing traditional humanism.

Written by Thomas Vassort Illustration created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #algorithms #dataism #innovation

TEDxSaclay - Trans-humanism

Dear enthusiasts of innovation and the curious about tomorrow, today, our journey promises to be exhilarating. We will explore the theme that animates the heart of TEDxSaclay: "Innovation in the service of life". Prepare to discover the astonishing possibilities that technology unveils and will continue to reveal for a transhumanist future.

Let's look at the origins: Julian Huxley is recognized for having conceptualized transhumanism during a conference in 1951. Yuval Noah Harari, in his visionary book "Homo Deus", predicts that the next technological revolution of our era will be that of augmented humanity. Take the fascinating example of Elon Musk's Neuralink. The short-term goal? Transform lives by helping people with paralysis or neurological diseases like Parkinson's. In the long term? Imagine a humanity capable of thinking, calculating, and innovating thousands of times faster than ever before.

Let's dream a little. Bionic limbs could revolutionize our physical abilities, shatter sports records, and perhaps even enable us to evolve in space. Artificial organs promise to save lives, offering hope to a child with a failing liver.

At the heart of this technological metamorphosis, the ultimate quest remains: immortality. Although this may seem utopian, experts envision this reality within a century or two.

But what are the values guiding transhumanism? Improvement of humans through technology, fusion of man and machine, and surpassing traditional humanism.

The vague investments in this sector could be around 100 to 200 billion dollars in 2022 (chatGPT*). Tech giants are closely interested in it, through biotechnology, artificial intelligence, neurotechnology, robotics, and augmented reality.

However, the big question remains: will these advances serve to strengthen our equality, freedom, and fraternity, or will they give an overwhelming advantage to a few? The use we make of it is crucial. Innovators bear a heavy ethical responsibility.

Written by Thomas Vassort Illustration created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #transhumanism #augmentedhumanity #innovation #future

TEDxSaclay - The Bushmen of the Kalahari, Roy Sesana

"Between visible and invisible": Let's dive into the essence of the next theme of TEDxSaclay! Every Monday, we reveal an aspect of this rich and intriguing topic. Let's start by boarding a time capsule! In 2005, Roy Sesana was honored with the alternative Nobel Peace Prize. His message still resonates today, powerful and universal.

He paints his unbreakable bond with the fauna, flora, and earth. A bond shared by many ancestral cultures around the globe. A world where nature is not just a backdrop, but a life partner whose mysteries are known and respected. In contrast, our contemporary societies have sometimes neglected this intimate relationship. Thus revealing the mysterious "invisible link".

Feel this vital energy, this deep connection with our environment by reading an excerpt from his letter below.

Written by Thomas Vassort Illustration created by Boocle

#TEDxSaclay #June2024 #visible #invisible #nature #boocle #bushmen

Auteur Cinema resurection.

Fermentle reinvents auteur cinema

In the ever-evolving world of cinema, Fremantle emerges as a beacon of innovation and creativity. Once a name associated with reality TV and game shows, this powerful independent company, a subsidiary of the RTL Group, is reinventing itself as a champion of the artistic film scene. With a turnover exceeding 2.5 billion dollars, Fremantle illustrates the ability to evolve and thrive in a changing media landscape.

Their approach? Adopting an adaptive and avant-garde business model. By heavily investing in niche films and offering narrative freedom to creators around the world, Fremantle is challenging traditional art and essay cinema models. What was once considered risky has become a profitable way to produce cutting-edge cinema. Their remarkable presence at the Venice Film Festival, with titles such as Yorgos Lanthimos «Poor Things» and Sofia Coppola's «Priscilla», is a testament to their commitment to ambitious and innovative projects. They also have ongoing projects with renowned directors such as Angelina Jolie and Luca Guadagnino, proving that artistic vision and commercial viability can coexist.

It's not just about film production. It's about the bold reinvention of a company, adapting and thriving in a changing environment. Fremantle is a brilliant example of how a passion for art can be harmoniously married to a smart business strategy, redefining the cinematic landscape for a new era.

The lesson here? Don't be afraid to change course and follow your passion. The film industry, like many others, is constantly evolving. And it's up to visionaries like Fremantle to pave the way.

If you want to delve deeper into the subject, check out the Hollywood reporter article just below.

#boocle #freemantle #cinema #reinvention #nichefilms

Endless loop of TEDxSaclay and Boocle logos dacaing in the stars

TEDxSaclay enlightens your mindset

For over a month now, I have been collaborating with the communication team at TEDxSaclay. Every week, I write a post celebrating intelligence, delving into themes as varied as they are stimulating on "innovation at the service of life". Our team, consisting of just under ten people, is led by my godmother, Kareen, a woman who appreciates those who think outside the box. My response was swift: "Fortunate coincidence, as I am of that ilk!"

Beyond our department, TEDxSaclay hosts other teams, brilliantly orchestrated by a dynamic duo. Assya, whom I nickname "the guardian of the temple". Christian, a man with an extensive network, whose address book rivals the longest scrolls in history. Why then does Boocle invest time and resources in TEDxSaclay, when its core business is art, luxury, and cinema? The answer is simple: Boocle has a soul and is committed to nurturing it. Contributing to the illumination of knowledge, culture, science, and intelligence is of paramount importance to Boocle.

In a world prone to consuming ephemeral, meaningless content aimed only at entertaining or dulling the mind. Boocle chooses to stand out. In an era where geopolitical tensions, economic crises, climate crisis and technological revolutions, such as artificial intelligence, hasten our evolution, it is crucial to be enlightened by the wisdom of knowledge. Indeed, we are a reflection of what we consume.

Dear friends, choose your sources of information wisely. Attend TED Conferences talks, watch educational channels like ARTE read newspapers like Le Courrier International for diverse and unbiased perspectives. Select your media with care and reflection, nourishing your mind with healthy, fair, and wise information. Everyone has their reality, but the truth lies in the balance of opinions.

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Endless loop of M6 driving a Namx in Marrocco

M6 inside a NamX

Dear readers, let's consider for a moment the world of mobility. A world where Morocco, through Faouzi ANNAJAH and his NamX, emerges as an unexpected protagonist in the drama of automotive innovation. Isn't the NamX, this hydrogen vehicle, the symbol of a quiet but highly significant revolution?

Let's look at the facts. Hydrogen, long overshadowed by electric batteries, appears to be emerging as a promising alternative. An article by James Burgess in "Clean Energy Wire" raises a pertinent question: Are electric batteries really the ecological panacea they're claimed to be? Burgess highlights the environmental impact of batteries, particularly in terms of recycling.

On the other hand, hydrogen, this nearly free and significantly less polluting energy, is brought into the spotlight. Is it a miracle solution? "The Economist" in a recent article, tempers this idea by exploring the challenges associated with the production and storage of hydrogen.

So, what about NamX? An article by Sophie Charara in "WIRED" approaches this Moroccan innovation from a different angle. She asks: Is this car the beginning of an era where ecology and efficiency meet?

This is where Morocco comes into play. With NamX, the Kingdom does not just follow. It leads. It questions. It opens doors. But what is the true scope of this initiative? Is Morocco, by adopting hydrogen, paving the way towards a more sustainable future, or is it just a flash in the pan in the great furnace of the automotive industry? The answer, dear readers, is not in the words of a single article or a single expert. It lies in a global conversation, in an exchange of ideas and perspectives. NamX invites us to look beyond the beaten path. It encourages us to question established norms and to consider a different future. In the end, Faouzi Annajah doesn't just show the door. He illuminates the path, inviting us to explore new possibilities.

*Seamless vIdeo Loop Patented Technology*

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The art of illumination yourself.

When paintings meet sculptures

I just visited the Mark Rothko retrospective at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. And I must say, it's a meeting of two giants: Rothko and Giacometti.

Imagine this: 115 Rothko canvases spread across four floors, from his somewhat awkward figurative beginnings to the tormented abstract works he is known for. I started at the end, the Black and Grey series from 1969-1970. It was something!

Rothko is like a journey to another dimension, where colors play with our emotions. And then, in the midst of this whirlwind of colors, Giacometti's sculptures, slender, elongated, almost fragile in comparison. It's like a dialogue between two worlds: One, broad and colorful, the other, threadlike and dark. Giacometti, with his elongated figures, brings a touch of tangible reality amidst Rothko's emotional abstraction. There is something deeply human in his sculptures, a presence that speaks and questions.

It's as if they remind us that, despite the vastness of Rothko's emotions, there is always a place for the human, for the individual. And it is there, in this juxtaposition, that the magic happens. Rothko takes us into a world of colors and sensations, while Giacometti brings us back to our own reality. It's an experience that shakes and challenges us.

So, who's up for this artistic adventure? Let's head to the Louis Vuitton Foundation to get lost in this duo of great masters. It's an invitation to reflect on what art makes us feel, what it tells us about ourselves and the world.

Here is a more detailed article on this exhibition from White Hot Magazine..

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Eternal tribute to my muses

This writing aims to honor the women who have marked my existence, influencing my choices, my thought process, and my creation. Three former companions, in particular, have left a significant imprint on my journey.

Claire Duport, the first among them, shone as a stylist at Wad. Beyond this role, she emerged as a true artist. Collaborating with Ware magazine, a sports-focused counterpart of Wad. I had the opportunity to orchestrate my first fashion series themed around England for Wad. Claire guided, advised, and awakened me to the art of transcending conventions to draw from my own narratives. This series, my first and perhaps the most accomplished of my career, owes much to her.

Marie Starek later entered my life. Her feline demeanor, innocence, and curiosity about life inspired me indirectly. Our relationship fed into my first series with an actress, Nora Arnezeder, set in the luxurious backdrop of the Orient Express for Cosmopolitan.

The third, Dane Tacchini, also known as Dane Dada, had the most profound impact on my life, beliefs, and aspirations. A talented lawyer who worked at Gide and now at CERN. She remains the love of my life. Her rare values, beauty, and intelligence overwhelmed me. She awakened in me an ancestral belief during a pagan feast, introduced me to the early cinematographs, lighting my path without ever imposing her vision. One evening, to maintain my dignity in a bar, she discreetly helped me settle the bill by slipping some money under the table. Who nowadays would show such finesse?

Finally, it was under her influence that Boocle was born. Even after our separation, her advice to protect Boocle with patents was invaluable. This proves that love transcends selfishness, the pursuit of social or economic status. The relationship between a man and a woman can transform, elevate, and intellectually enrich.

To my past and future muses, to the women who have shaped my path, I dedicate this message. Thank you for everything, I will always strive to reflect what you have brought into my life.

To illustrate this post, I've created a deepfake featuring Dane and myself in the breakup scene from "La La Land." At the end, there's a little surprise with an infinite twist from Boocle.

Ps : I kept the original voices this time... You'll notice that Dane easily rivals the beauty of Emma Stone. As for me, Ryan Gosling really shows me up!

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Why 3,6 Million views on Youtube?

Exactly seven months ago, Charlotte Cardin released her music video "Confetti," produced by Jason Brando, entirely made using boomerangs. It's been an artistic success with a song that resonates deeply in my mind.

However, beyond the artistic achievement of this project, the video has garnered a remarkable 3.6 million views. In contrast, her numerous other videos have averaged around 400,000 views each. That's quite a significant difference...

Could it be due to this cyclic content that leaves a lasting impression? What are your thoughts on this?

Boocle have create a new form of seamless video loop that takes an additional step forward in the world of perfect loops.

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The new world of interactive cinema

Dive into interactive cinema

Ah, my dear friends, imagine a world where cinema is no longer just a screen and seats, but a universe of sensations! Yes, a universe where each chair becomes a spaceship. Where each movie a tangible adventure.

Here is Cineplex, the Canadian titan, revolutionizing the way we experience the seventh art. Picture gigantic screens, sound that envelops you like a Dolby Atmos 4k Video embrace, seats that defy the laws of physics. And what about the VIP Cinemas Ltd ? A feast for the senses, with refined dishes and drinks that awaken the spirit. But wait, there's more!

D-BOX Technologies, 4DX, seats that dance to the rhythm of the film, effects that transport you. Wind, mist and bubbles! It's like touching the stars without leaving your seat. And for those who seek even more, there's The VOID, Xscape Theatres. worlds where virtual reality becomes your reality. Cineplex doesn't just show you movies, it invites you to live them.

Let's look towards India, where Jadooz Media Solution Private Limited and MX4D transform villages into palaces of discovery. Entertainment zones where cinema is a gateway to unexplored worlds. And what about Cinergy Entertainment in the United States? Escape rooms, bowling, games that defy the imagination. In Tulsa, a dark XD MOTION 4D ride awaits you, a journey where you are the hero.

My friends, cinema is evolving. It's no longer just a canvas, but a fabric of dreams, a magic carpet that carries us to incredible adventures. Come, let's discover these worlds together where each movie is a new adventure, where each seat is a throne of sensations. The future of cinema is now, and it is spectacular! You can read the article below to delve deeper into this exceptional story.

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Davy Ly is Matt Damon for a day!

This weekend was marked by innovation and sharing. I want to share with you a unique deepfake creation, that of Davy Ly, Director Center of Excellence. The preparatory work, focusing on his psychology, nuances, and desires, led to a bold decision: To integrate him into the film "Invictus," portraying Matt Damon's role. This choice is no coincidence.

Davy is my most loyal supporter, a fact that transcends any monetary value. His personality, though I do not know him intimately, radiates values, expertise, and remarkable ethics, rare treasures in our turbulent world. In recognition, I will offer monthly to the most active person on my social networks a deepfake transformation. A metamorphosis into a memorable visual experience.

Your devoted servant.

Seamless Video Loop Patented Technology*

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Banksy unmasked

Dear art connoisseurs and enthusiasts,

I write to you with a mix of surprise and irony. I am François Bérardino, also known as Béru. I'm known for my passion and investment in the art world. This includes organizing a major Banksy exhibition. But I must admit, the recent revelation of this artist's identity has thrown me off.

Robert Banks - a name that now sounds unsettlingly familiar. Who would have thought the enfant terrible of street art, the maestro of visual dissent, was simply Robbie? A name as mundane as an English cup of tea. The BBC has finally unveiled this long-kept secret. Our mysterious Banksy is now a friendly neighbor we might meet at the supermarket.

In his 2003 interview, Robbie Banks compares his art to a microwave meal. Quick, effective, yet always leaving a taste of 'more, please.' Well, dear Robbie, your art may be fast food, but it's always tasted like a feast to me. This revelation, though shocking, doesn't lessen Banksy's genius. In fact, it humanizes the artist, making him almost more relatable. But let's be honest, it's not great for the wallet. Rarity and mystery drive up the prices, right?

And there's an ironic twist. Banksy himself declared his art activities illegal, a statement that adds a certain flavor of dark humor to my current predicament. So now there's the absurd possibility of legal entanglements. From a collector's paradise to a collector's paradox! The exhibition I organized will remain a tribute to his talent. Yet now, each artwork will be viewed with a wry smile, thinking of our dear Robbie. He has pulled off another heist! This time, it's on my bank account.

François Bérardino (Béru)

Fictional letter*

Seamless Video Loop Patented Technology**

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Romy Scnheider and Alain Delon, an iconic duo

Their encounter took place on the set of « La Piscine ». A film directed by Jacques Deray. Where Alain Delon advocated for Romy Schneider to be his co-star. In the captivating atmosphere of the Côte d'Azur, they portray a memorable couple. Romy, breaking away from her image in the Sissi saga. And she meets Alain Delon, the quintessential bad boy of French cinema.

In « La Piscine », Delon plays a complex role. He depicting the tensions and dynamics of a tumultuous love. Their on-screen chemistry is a study in contrasts: The gentle and talented Romy falls for the rebellious Alain Delon. Their relationship, both real and cinematic, continues to mesmerize the world, symbolizing the timeless allure of opposites. Their partnership in « La Piscine » remains a striking example of actor chemistry. Contributing to the film's cult status in cinema history. Seamless Video Loop Patented Technology*

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Reflexion on the storage of nuclear waste for centuries

In France, nuclear power represents a strong symbol. With a policy focused on this energy for decades. Although this source emits less CO2 than fossil fuels, it is not without flaws. Particularly in terms of waste and nuclear accident risks.

Today, I would like to address a different question: The ambition, initiated by Sweden and closely followed by France. To bury nuclear waste for hundreds of thousands of years. In the depths of the earth, several hundred meters below the surface. This raises a crucial question: How will humans, in 100,000 years, recognize a warning about the danger of these wastes?

In that distant era, language and understanding will be different. Linguists have explored how to effectively signal danger. Their choice has fallen on a universal symbol: The skull emoji ☠️, a modern, clear, and unequivocal hieroglyph. It's a strong symbol, reflecting our responsibility towards future generations. Ecology means thinking about our continuity, our children, and those who will follow.

In a world focused on the present, it's crucial to care about the future. The question remains: How do we preserve our environment to avoid an apocalyptic future? EPR technology could play a key role in significantly reducing waste. But it remains a major challenge.

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Have you ever dreamed of creating potentially viral content?

That's what Boocle offers you, in order to stand out effectively in an overloaded digital universe.

Issue: In the world of video loops, the "cut" at the loop restart is a major problem. It indicates that the advertisement is over and prompts the viewer to leave the content. Furthermore, it results in choppy video content that is not pleasant to watch.

Existing solutions: What solutions exist in the loop market? Boomerang by Meta is a back-and-forth loop. Apple's iOS creates loops with a visible link to the naked eye. Shutterstock creates perfect loops but in animation form. Adobe creates Cinemagraphs, which have limited movement with humans who are static. Giphy has a "cut" in its loops.

Our solution: For the first time, Boocle offers a comprehensive solution where we bring innovative technology. It allows for the creation of perfect video loops without interruptions or jumps, with ultra-high quality and any possible rotation speed.

Differentiating advantages: Our cutting-edge technology is suitable for versatile internet communication, ranging from social media to online advertising, websites, and beyond...

Conclusion: If you want to reduce your cost per lead, increase conversions, and have strong viral potential, contact us to explore the infinite possibilities and find out how we can turn your vision into reality.

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Marion Cotillard in the plane with ecological concerns

Marion Cotillard, our ecological icon

Hello Marion, my dear and beloved,

I hope you are doing well despite the distance currently between us. This morning, pressed for time, we couldn't discuss what's been troubling you. I know your flight to California to see your family has left you with mixed feelings.

I understand your ecological concerns, especially with the recent criticisms you've faced. But, Marion, you shouldn't feel guilty. The distance between you and your family, the demands of your acting career, are not your fault. These tough choices between family, work, and personal beliefs are a Cornelian dilemma.

I believe it's time to end this masquerade of guilt surrounding air travel. Instead of forcing people to follow unattainable paths, let's help them adopt greener alternatives. Hydrogen engines have been around as long as gasoline engines. Why aren't they more widespread? It's a matter of mentality, and it's time for that to change.

Instead of blaming each other, let's start by challenging the industrialists. Let's continue to travel, to live, to breathe, but with ecological means that science offers us. I hope that the hydrogen plane will soon be a reality, so you can travel without this sorrow.

I am here for you, for Marcel and Louise. I know you're fighting for them, for their future, through your ecological commitment. Let's not let criticisms and superficial judgments affect us. Let's focus on what really matters.

I may be less strong than you in facing these criticisms. That's one of the reasons why I admire you so much. You teach me something new every day.

I am proud of you and your work with NEWTOPIA stories which, I hope, will give you even more strength in your ecological fight.

With all my love,
Guillaume Canet

Fictional letter*

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Endless loop of Leonardo Dicaprio totem from Inception

What the marketing gurus will never tell you...

Fellow entrepreneurs, marketing enthusiasts, listen up! Today, I'm sharing with you a golden secret: the power of repetition in communication.

You know that little voice telling you that repetition is boring? Forget it! Repetition is the art of engraving your message in your audience's mind. It's the rhythm that makes your brand dance in the heart of memories.

The Key? Consistency. A clear message, repeated with flair, becomes a familiar melody to your customers. They hear it, recognize it, and get attached to it.

And mind you, repeating does not mean nagging. No, it's the art of varying pleasures while staying the course. A tweet here, a story there, an endless loop over here... Your message travels through different universes but keeps its essence.

And guess what? Consistency pays off! Brands that master this art see their reputation and revenues soar. It's scientific, it's proven, it's fantastic!

So, are you ready to make your brand resonate with strength and elegance? Repeat after me: 'I am the master of my message, and I will make it shine!'

With Boocle, revolutionize your Google Ads campaigns! Imagine, an average opening rate of 8 to 9%, where the norm is between 1 and 3%. It's a breathtaking performance! And that's not all: the keywords 'Gif' and 'Loop' reach up to 10 million views per month globally. On social media, content that is viewed repeatedly in succession is boosted by algorithms.

And that's the very principle of Boocle with its seamless video loops. So, think about integrating Boocle into your communication strategy. You might be surprisingly amazed by the results. A word to the wise...

And if you're not yet convinced, take a look at the article here.

Illustration in an endless loop of the spinning top from the movie "Inception".

*Patented technology*

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DiCaprio or Macron?

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your seats, because this weekend, it's the grand deepfake show! You read that right. I, your humble servant, have dived headfirst into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence to master the art of video deepfaking. And believe me, it's going to be spectacular!

Imagine this: an explosive mix between Emmanuel Macron and Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. Yes, you heard right. That's the kind of magic I have in store for you. But be careful, I'm not here to play the sorcerer's apprentice. I know this technology raises serious ethical questions. It's powerful, it's disturbing, and it opens the door to massive manipulations.

The setup? A real challenge, especially on Mac. But once it's up and running, the transformation takes only 10 short minutes. Quick, isn't it? That's where it gets interesting, but also a bit scary. You can literally make anyone say anything. "Seeing is believing"? Not anymore, my friends. Even Saint Thomas would lose his Latin over this!

But don't worry. I'm here for fun, not manipulation. Every deepfake I post will be clearly identified. No fake news here, just a bit of high-tech fun.

For my first trick, I've merged Leonardo's character in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' with Emmanuel Macron.

Unfortunately, in this video clip, it wasn't possible to turn it into an endless loop...

Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning.

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My most beautiful festival: Burning Man!

Ah, Burning Man, that desert extravagance where dust and dreams intertwine in a frenzied dance. Over ten years ago, driven by a thirst for adventure, a friend and I decided to traverse California. Our odyssey took us from Las Vegas to Death Valley, from San Diego to Los Angeles, from San Francisco to Reno, and finally, we found ourselves in the utopia of Black Rock City.

There, in the vastness of Nevada, a white desert stretches out, caressed by a cool breeze that escaped from the fog of San Francisco. An ephemeral city sprouts up like a mushroom after the rain, then populated by 60,000 souls, a number that has skyrocketed to 80,000 by 2023. There, one's arrival is celebrated by ringing a giant bell, proclaiming "I'm not a virgin anymore."

In this parallel world, money is outlawed, barter and giving reign supreme. Only coffee and ice cream are for sale, in a city where explaining color to a blind person would be easier. As a photographer, I was dispatched there for a report, and my eyes never ceased to marvel. Burning Man is an artistic revolution, where art throbs at every street corner, where everyone becomes a performer, dressed as a road warrior, a superhero, or a creature of light as soon as the sun sets.

At night, being visible is a matter of survival, surrounded by small neons to avoid unexpected encounters with ghost vehicles. Let's talk about the art! On the playa, there are monumental works, destabilizing in their beauty. The Man stands at the center, destined to be set ablaze on the tenth day, preceded by the temple of the woman, which will burn the night before.

The ghost vehicles, delirious creations like an A380 turned into a club, a motorized flying carpet, a three-masted ship sailing on the sand at 5 km/h... And what about that stilt bar, accessible only to those who dare to defy gravity, or that roller disco rink, where people groove in period costumes to the sound of the 70s.

I was offered a ménage à trois, whipped cream and chocolate in hand. I took to my heels, my little heart wasn't ready. But contrary to legend, drugs are no more present than at any other festival. Who needs substances when reality surpasses the imaginary?

Of course, there are those dust storms that catch you off guard. Hence the importance of being armed at all times with ski goggles and a bandana for protection.

I had the privilege of interviewing Harvey, the creator of this festival. It all started on a San Francisco beach, a man brought low by life whose wife had just run off with his best friend. A wooden effigy to symbolize the traitor, and a handful of friends to forget. From that ceremony was born Burning Man, growing exponentially each year.

The experience is intense, bewildering. The absence of money creates equality between the rich and the poor, and that changes everything. The ecological commitment is impressive: not a trace must soil the ground. We shower above a blue tarp to collect the water, a practice that earned me a comment from a London punk neighbor: "You are too clean for Burning Man," triggering in me a memorable fit of laughter.

In conclusion, to see people in trance dancing until exhaustion during the burning of the Man is an experience to be lived at least once. Burning Man is a rite of passage, a celebration of life and art, an indelible memory.

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Cinemagraph from the plastic ocean

The 7th Continent

Each Tuesday, here we are, confronted with the incredible, the unacceptable: a seventh continent, right? Yes, you heard correctly. A continent, not of solid ground, oh no, but of plastic, floating, drifting on the vast liquid expanse. Humankind, creator of this extraordinary heap, a tragic feat, not without a certain irony. Creating where we should be preserving.

It is not one, but five plastic continents that litter our oceans, for decades now. At the heart of the Atlantic, the Pacific, everywhere, currents like water serpents, encircle, sweep these wastes into a ghastly dance. A disgrace, a disgrace for our planet, an insult to marine life.

Under the influence of these oceanic currents, plastics accumulate. A hellish spectacle, a non-miracle of modernity that could almost allow a modern-day Messi to walk on water, right? Dark humor for a dire situation.

But in this infamy, this insult to the azure, life, tenacious, clings on. Shellfish, mussels cling to the submerged fragments, signaling the resilience of nature.

And now? The clean-up, a Herculean task. Even the efforts of Boyan Slat, the young Dutch inventor, though commendable, are not enough to stem this disaster. Beyond the obvious, there is the tiny, the invisible: microplastics, a minuscule tide that overwhelms our oceans, altering the marine food chain.

The scale is such that a study by The Ocean Clean-up, published in the journal "Scientific Reports" reveals a seventh continent three times the size of France. A monstrosity extending over 1.6 million square kilometers, with no less than 1,800 billion pieces of plastic waste that mar the blue of our seas.

The boat from the "7th Continent" expedition sailed in 2014, discovering that the waste is not only microscopic. Nets, fishing lines, abandoned, which in addition to polluting, account for 80,000 tons of this rubbish.

But time is pressing, and the oceans, which make the heart of our Earth beat, suffer. They suffer from these continents of plastic. We hold here a symbol, the very image of human impact on nature. A call, a cry, that must propel us to action.

#ocean #cycle #ecology #plastic #disgrace #loop

DOOH screens on Times Square, NYC, US

The future of advertising is at the intersection of screens

Imagine. A DOOH screen lights up in the hustle of an airport. It captures a traveler's gaze with a visual story that starts just... there. This story continues on their smartphone, a narrative thread that connects a fleeting moment in the real world to a continuous digital experience. This is the art of modern storytelling, where each brand becomes an omnichannel narrator.

In the urban maze, DOOH does more than display; it engages, it initiates dialogue. Passersby become spectators, actors in an interaction that goes beyond mere viewing. It's an invitation to step into a brand's universe.

Next, the internet takes over. The conversation that started in the street extends online. A click, and the traveler is whisked away to a webpage, a news feed, a video that extends the experience initiated in front of the urban screen. The stores? They are the chapters where touch and emotion merge to transform presence into engagement, curiosity into sales.

Boocle perfects this visual symphony. Its endless loop videos signify a constant presence, offering an always-open door into the world of the brand. A spectator can arrive at any moment, the story remains accessible, the message, intact.

In this space where worlds converge, brands that harmonize their DOOH and digital message build bridges between giant screens and pocket screens. It's the promise of a lasting memory, an impression that sticks.

The strategy is clear: when the story starts with a sparkle in the street and unfolds seamlessly on the web, the brand no longer just tells, it narrates. It no longer just presents, it engages. And it does so in an endless loop with Boocle.

So, embark on this narrative revolution. Because the brand of tomorrow is not content with just being seen. It lives with its audience, everywhere, all the time.

Discover an article on DOOH below.

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Recollections of my first collaboration with an actress

I had first seen Nora Arnezeder on the big screen, where her talent shone brightly. Later, captivated by her aura during a television interview, I was struck by her charisma—a blend of grace and intelligence. That's when I approached Laurence Marcy Blanchard, the art director at "Cosmopolitan" at the time, with an idea: a fashion series featuring Nora. She enthusiastically gave the green light.

My mind overflowed with creative visions, crafting a storyboard: Nora, the protagonist of a story set aboard the Orient Express. I found a train with striking aesthetics near Paris to serve as our set. In this realm, I envisioned her as a lone traveler, succumbing to slumber in a sleeper car. But a presence lurks, a threat hovers. Her jewels are stolen. Yet, she is no victim. With sharp wit, she reclaims her possessions, sealing her triumph with a merciless kick.

The final shot of this series is etched in my memory. Nora, slipping her ring back on, gives a determined look to the camera that says "never again." Working with an actress is sheer joy. She takes ownership of each scene, each concept, to breathe life into the images.

Of course, emotion can be played in two ways: entirely constructed or drawn from the depths of personal experience. In this last photo where she puts her ring back on, Nora confides in me her desire to leave her then-partner, a director. She then decides not to put the ring back on, but to take it off. This gesture, though not visible in the image, transforms her gaze with a burning intensity, almost accusatory. Witnessing this transformation was to experience a moment of pure magic: the raw power of lived emotions at the service of fiction.

The photograph illustrating the opening double-page spread has been transformed by Boocle into a seamless video loop.

Patented Technology for Seamless Video Loops

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Malika el-Maslouhi in a perfect loop by Boocle for celebrate the ast issue of Vogue France

Vogue in the sun all year round!

Vogue France - Issue 1041. Malika el-Maslouhi in all her majesty. Radiant in Saint Laurent designed by Anthony Vaccarello.

From Vogue Arabia to Vogue France, the transition was inevitable, necessary, almost a fashion emergency. And like all the women of this world, she loves to see herself in the most prestigious magazines.

To celebrate this, inspired by Boocle's vision, she treats herself to a stay in the Balearics. Seeking a unique sun-kissed mark.

Boocle playfully reinvents fashion time and time again. Endless inspiration.

#boocle #voguefrance #malika #lamode #loop

A breathtaking French ecological scam

I took a look at "D'argent et de Sang," a French series currently on Canal+. Headlining are two actors I respect: Vincent Lindon and Ramzy Bedia. It addresses this incredible VAT scam on carbon transactions.

Let's summarize. 2008-2009. There are companies that pollute excessively. They exceed their carbon quota, as set by European law. Others, conversely, have an emission deficit. So, there's a financial market, managed by Evergreen, allowing these companies to trade "pollution rights."

The very idea is questionable. We're monetizing pollution. Is this truly the way to protect our planet?

But the worst is yet to come. These "pollution rights" transactions between European countries aren't taxed. No VAT. Some fraudsters, having understood this, purchase these rights and then resell them in France, adding a 19.6% VAT. However, this VAT, instead of going to the state coffers, ends up in shell companies and is then routed to tax havens.
The outcome? A loss of 1.6 billion for France. 6 billion for Europe. A colossal scandal. A betrayal to our planet.

"D'argent et de Sang" shines a light on this dark affair. And to honor this series, Boocle has transformed its poster into an endless video loop.

Multi-boomerang style*

#boocle #dargentetdesang #canalplus #carbon #ecology

Kering buy CAA

When luxury meets hollywood's limelight

This news is already a month old, but it's still quite juicy.

When we talk about luxury, we often refer to exquisite refinement, a certain eloquence. But now, add to that a sprinkle of Hollywood glitter. And there you have it, an explosive mix!

François-Henri Pinault, this giant in the world of luxury, this French genius, has embarked on a journey, let's say... cinematic. Rather than acquiring another chic brand, he woos the Mecca of film, Hollywood.

His family empire, Artémis, is broadening its horizon, embracing the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). For those who don't know (and how could you not, my dears?), CAA is the sanctuary for the greatest: Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and the lovely Zendaya. Not to forget the stunning Salma Hayek Pinault, star of the big screen and queen of the front row.

But why, you might ask? Simply because in the modern world, talent is as precious as the shiniest diamond. And this talent has the power to attract, to mesmerize millions. Fashion, this elusive beauty, knows it well. It hunts, it seduces, it bewitches these faces to illuminate its brands.

As Robert Burke so rightly says, luxury and showbiz have become inseparable, merging into a heady dance. What a fascinating union! But beware, this is just the beginning. Where will this romance lead the worlds of luxury and cinema? Bets are on.

One thing is certain, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era.

Check out the New York Times article here.

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Fashion tribute to my grandmother

This weekend, I dive into the world of Simone Ravaud Vassort.

Passed away on January 13, 2010, at the age of 79. Simone, affectionately called "Seemoon Liberté Lumière" in her later years, left an indelible mark on the fashion world.

Her artistic flair shaped our family. She began as a fitting model for Elle France, Vogue Italy, and most notably, the prestigious "Le Jardin des modes", which she fondly referred to as her "second home."

At 10, I discovered a Jardin des modes black & white series she co-created with Jean-Loup Sieff. Each snapshot revealed a woman of incredible grace, dressed with timeless elegance and refined makeup. The scene was set in a Haussmannian apartment delicately enveloped in a thin layer of frost. This series was remarkably avant-garde for its time.

She collaborated with the giants of photography: Sieff, Lindberg, Newton, Bourdin, Feurer, Toscani... An impressive list.

An anecdote shared with me when I was fashion photographer: At Paris Fashion Week 1981. Simone would arrive on a motorcycle, donning a daring Thierry Mugler dress that bared her back. A breathtaking boldness for the time.

Simone led many lives. I wasn't born during that chapter of her life. But after leaving the fashion scene following a significant trip to Morocco, she became an iconic figure in Arles. (1001 other equally captivating stories)

Rest in peace, dear grandmother.

The looped illustration comes from a studio photo. Lindberg or Sieff? Time has taken away some certainties.

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The face of bluff

About a decade ago, I plunged into the world of poker, predominantly in cash games at the legendary Aviation Club de France in Paris. Unfortunately, this gaming institution closed its doors, like many other clubs in the capital. The dazzling lights of Las Vegas also lured me, and one memorable evening at the Bellagio financed my entire month-long road trip through the American Southwest.

What I've learned from poker is invaluable, and I frequently draw from it today. The first lesson is mastering emotions, especially when chips pile up in the center of the table. Stress is a player's ultimate foe. Beyond merely concealing my emotions, I've learned to channel them. As mentioned in a previous post, I underwent two years of drama school, which equipped me with tools to convey emotions. I've leveraged this knowledge to control micro-expressions.

In poker, being overly obvious, like displaying "fear", is a giveaway. The trick is in subtlety, misleading your opponent with slight gestures: a hesitant hand, a shifty gaze, shallow breathing, or even an awkward smile. It's akin to crafting a plot twist in a movie. The viewer believes they have it figured out, only for the ending to surprise them. It's imperative to mix up tactics, oscillating between honesty and deception based on the stakes, or not...

But poker is not just about that. The most critical skill is the ability to "read" your opponent. I must confess I excel at this. I can spot those micro-signals that most fail to hide. Some maintain an impeccable "poker face," but for many, a giveaway always slips through. This insight allows me to play a broader range of cards.

Personally, I'm not fond of high pairs. They're too obvious. I lean towards middle or even low cards of the same suit and close in rank. Like an 8 and 10 of clubs. I love to keep them guessing, to remain unpredictable. It's a strategy I've also adopted for Boocle. One of my legal protections, is visible, while the rest remain undisclosed, always providing me with an advantage over competitors. So, is it a bluff or the truth?

A special shout-out to the one who ignited this passion in me through a memorable broadcast on Canal+ back in the day: Patrick Bruel!

*Patented Technology for Seamless Vidéo Loops*

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Seamless video loop the poster of Jean-Yves Cousteau for Disney+

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the man in the red cap!

Oceanographer, inventor of the "Aqua Lung" scuba regulator. He was a true sentinel for our planet. Jacques-Yves Cousteau changed our way of seeing and understanding the ocean depths. Thanks to innovations like the first underwater camera, he captured breathtaking images, immersing us in the vastness of the ocean through unforgettable documentaries.

But Cousteau did more than just showcase the beauty of the oceans. He was one of the first to raise alarms about the threats facing coral reefs and the dumping of nuclear waste. A true ambassador for the oceans, he reminded the United Nations Conference in 1992 of our collective responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations.

His most famous quote: "Man has battled nature for his survival; in this century, he begins to understand that he must defend it to survive."

Want to learn more about this ecology icon? Check out the documentary "Cousteau: From Man to Legend" on Disney+.

On this occasion, Boocle has transformed the documentary's poster into a Boocle.

*Patented Technology for Seamless Video Loops*>

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The davil dressed in Prada

When haute couture meets the silver screen

When style meets screenplay, it results in films that capture the very essence of fashion. These films are not just a celebration of aesthetic beauty but also an exploration of the lives that revolve around this captivating world. Here is a selection of movies where cinema pays tribute to fashion.

Yves Saint Laurent (2014): From Dior to a passionate love with Pierre Bergé, it's a lifetime of haute couture. And a race for the César between Niney and Ulliel!

The Devil Wears Prada (2006): Anne Hathaway, with a certain disdain for clothes, up against a... spicy Meryl Streep!

Saint Laurent (2014): A dive into the 70s, where Yves loved his costumes as much as he loved partying.

Funny Face (1957): Audrey Hepburn, philosophical librarian, becomes a model and falls in love. It's as simple and complicated as that.

Coco Before Chanel: The rise of Gabrielle Chanel, between breakups and lace.

The Neon Demon: A model in LA. Quick success. Jealousy. Danger.

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009): Fashion, music, and a house in Garches. Love, passion.

Who Are You Polly Maggoo? (1966): A satire on the fashion of the 60s. Offbeat and chic!

The Dressmaker (2015): Kate Winslet, a dressmaker with revenge up her sleeve. The rumors fly.

Phantom Thread (2017): Haute couture in London in the 50s. With an Oscar to boot!

Zoolander (2001): Ben Stiller, model, hypnotized by fashion's villains. And, hush, a David Bowie cameo!

Personal Shopper (2016): Stewart, haunted, steals Chanel clothes. But Cannes loves it!

Ready to Wear (1994): Parisian fashion, its glamour, its suspicious death.

Would I Lie to You? (1997): The world of textiles, misunderstandings... and a deceptive identity.

Whether it's a dive into the backstage of haute couture or a hilarious satire of the industry. These films show just how intertwined fashion and cinema are. So, let's raise our glasses and toast to the fusion of fashion and film.

Here is an article from Vogue France detailing this list of movies.

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Britney Spears acapella

Well, not exactly, since I didn't get Britney Spears' permission. Instead, I turned to the young Britney Tears for the Boocle’s loop. ATTENTION, POP WORLD! Is everyone seated? No? Well, you better get to it. The queen, Britney Spears, is about to BOOM, blow everything up with her new book, "The Woman in Me".

So, OK, we've all seen this news talking about the first (ASTONISHING, by the way) excerpts from the book. But have you really read between the lines? This book isn't just a testimony. It's the epic of a pop warrior.

Dear Brit confides in us about how "healing and therapeutic" writing this book was. Seriously, Brit? It's like a therapy session but on a global scale! But, guess what? Some ill-advised exes and their lawyers (Justin, Colin, we see you) tried to censor some parts. Not cool, guys.

And guess who's narrating the English audio version? Michelle Williams! Yes, the one from "The Fabelmans" and "Dawson"! One star reading about another, we love it! And I have to say, the trailer excerpt gave me chills. Seriously, when Britney says she felt like she was "living on the edge of a cliff", who among us didn't tear up?

But wait, there's more! Rumors have it that our national Britney is working on a new album. Seven years after "Glory", she's said to be writing about her divorce from Sam Asghari. Ahhh, divorces, such true inspiration for POP stars!

And for all the haters, we have just one thing to say: OOPS... SHE DID IT AGAIN!

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The day I swapped my camera for a film lens

Once upon a time, seven years ago, I was an artist, armed with a camera. My captures were less snapshots and more stories, reminiscent of pages from a Harakiri-style photo novel. Every fashion series told a silent narrative, like a storyboard.

But, as with any good story, there was a twist.

Philippe Gasnot. Raiddine Bentaiileb. Benjamin Armand of KP Production. Three pivotal figures in my journey. They saw in me an emerging director, hiding behind the photographer's lens. Because of them, I had the unique opportunity to direct an advertisement for Vanity Fair, a project where we had free rein.

Lingerie. Lights. Action.

Benjamin, who was then primarily an Art Director and stylist, has since evolved, morphing into an accomplished director.

Seven years... It's astounding how quickly the calendar pages turn.

But the truth is, photography and directing are brothers, but not twins. The director captures a narrative, paints a sequence, sketches a slice of reality. The photographer, on the other hand, steals a moment, whether spontaneous or staged. It's a fleeting flash of light caught in the incessant flow of life, carrying an essence that needs to be revealing.

Boocle, with its perfect loops, bridges these two worlds.

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Let's give credit where credit is due

Garry Hill made art history in 1990 with his avant-garde video creation. Through perfect loops, he demonstrated both technical and artistic mastery in analog. This performance was a true feat for its time.

The installation, titled "Inasmuch as It Is Always Already Taking Place," showcases parts of the artist's body, broadcasted on sixteen screens. These images, devoid of any clear distinction, are arranged without following the organization of the human body. An ear is adjacent to a foot; set back, a depiction of his groin. Each image invites contemplation. For instance, a thumb playing with the corner of a page takes on a profound meaning through the viewer's focus.

The arrangement of the monitors and the play of black wires, reminiscent of nerves, emphasize the concept of a body without a central torso. This work alludes to the idea of a soul, the invisible and essential core of a human. The ambient sound adds a living dimension to the installation.

The loops in this work, though infinite, vary in duration - from ten seconds to over a minute. It's fascinating to note that this was accomplished 33 years ago, without the technologies Boocle has patented. This historic piece is now part of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Art Insitute of Chicago.

Indeed, the technological advancements that Boocle has developed save countless hours in filming and editing, and also offer unparalleled freedom of movement for the subjects, the background, and the camera. However, Garry Hill stands as a pillar in the world of video art and flawless video loops! And rightfully so.

Having studied his work closely, I can attest to the ingenuity and determination required for such an achievement at that time. Let's hope that today's talents, like Boocle, may one day collaborate with this visionary artist to continue pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

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Graphic of AI investment in the world in 2022.

Leave or stay?

The wave of AI investments dominated 2022 with a staggering contribution of 414.5 billion euros globally - Statista/CNEWS. The United States leads the way, with China hot on their heels. France? A discreet eighth place. In parallel, space garnered a budget of 20 billion euros in 2022 - Techlov.

All it took was a comparison of the grant conditions from BPI for AI and space to notice an imbalance. Space appears favored, despite a smaller investment volume. Why this discrepancy? It's a mystery.

But let's look at a broader perspective. Why discuss AI and space in an ecological reflection? It's simple: it's about following the money to decipher human ambitions. We're at a crossroads. Faced with a planet in crisis, humanity has two options: venture to other worlds in search of exoplanets, or stay here, using AI to initiate rapid and decisive change in our behavior.

Imagine a union between AI and Greentech. It's the beginning of a solution. Personally, I aspire to rejuvenate our planet before considering exploring elsewhere. Nothing stops us from reaching for the stars later. But before we hop from planet to planet, let's prove we're not just a threat to these worlds.

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The science-fiction and the innovation are linked

The genesis of Boocle

I introduce you to a topic I've recently explored. While preparing a presentation, I integrated many elements of storytelling. I delved into the relationship between science fiction and innovation. Science fiction has influenced me as an inventor, just as it has many who came before me. For AI, it's the opposite, as it began in 1958. It then inspired movies and books.

As for Boocle, its roots lie in science fiction cinema. Three movies have left an imprint on me. In "Harry Potter", the newspaper with moving images. In "Blade Runner 2049", Ryan Gosling's interaction with a hologram. In "Minority Report", screens that directly address Tom Cruise, scanning his eyes to deliver personalized video messages. These movies don't explicitly depict Boocle technology but sketch its evolution. Boocle aims to be immersive, interactive, and entirely personalized.

Science fiction also warns against the potential misuses of inventions. It reminds us that inventors have a responsibility for their creations. I've always believed this. One book, "1984", particularly struck me about the potential abuses of Boocle. Written by a man from his hospital bed, it envisioned a future where technology might become a tool for surveillance and control. The "telescreens" are a perfect example of this.

I'm adamant that Boocle doesn't follow this path. That's why I often retort to some: Boocle patents are not for sale.

Here, discover how science fiction and innovation are intertwined.

#boocle #sciencefiction #innovation #loop #dooh

Deepfake of LAdy Gaga's Frenh Bouldogs like homless

Hollywood scandal alert!

Here it is, dear readers, the culmination of the juiciest and most unlikely soap opera from the City of Angels!

Imagine... A world-famous singer, two kidnapped dogs, and a $500,000 bounty! Lady Gaga. Yes, you read that right! She, who promised the world to find her beloved Koji and Gustav. And just when it all seemed over, an unexpected twist! Jennifer McBride, the so-called savior, comes back with the dogs in tow... but not out of kindness! She wanted the reward.

But, plot twist! A L.A. judge denies the claim for the bounty demanded by Jennifer McBride. Turns out, she might have been involved in the kidnapping...

But between us, $500,000 for two French Bulldogs? Even though France is my homeland, it seems a bit excessive, right?

#gagadogssaga #hollywooddrama #justiceforkojiandgustav #boocle

René Simon in 1925 in Paris during his masterclass

The art of speech transcends mere words

Beyond cutting-edge technology or a business intuition. There's the ability to touch souls by narrating the odyssey of one's start-up that truly sets one apart. In my youth, at 22, I was immersed in this craft at Cours Simon. A Felliniesque class: a 2-meter-tall giant, a blind woman, twins... All unique, all gathered on wooden benches, listening intently.

But the standout was Cyrille Jarousseau. He never commanded, never provided direct instructions. He hinted, spoke between the lines, allowing everyone the freedom to interpret and make it their own. The essence of imparting knowledge lies here: not to dictate the path, but to illuminate minds so they can find their own way.

Over those years, I absorbed a plethora of techniques: the Italian reading style. Rigorous text memorization. Infusing genuine emotions into every syllable. To achieve this, one sometimes has to deceive oneself, feeling every word as a tangible reality. The silences, pauses, and breaths between words bring magnetism to the narration. Not to mention the bodily expression and movements, creating a dance between word and gesture.

I didn't realize then how profoundly this training would shape my future. But today, its significance is undeniably clear to me.

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A Not-So-Real-Interview with Homer Simpson

I tried, really tried, to talk to Homer. At his place, in Springfield. For that, I turned myself into a cartoon. And bam! I turned yellow.

I might've exaggerated my attitude a bit. Yeah, I think about my start-up too much. And Homer? Still as cool as ever.

All this to say: a pitch needs to move. It needs to speak to the listener. It has to adapt no matter who you're facing!

#loop #notsorealinterview #simpson #springfield #boocle

Sand who explose

Moving beyond disruption

This morning I had a moment of realization. Amidst the sea of knowledge an article caught my attention shedding light on the power of non disruptive innovation.

Lets take a moment to reflect on Boocles position. For a while now I've believed in our nature. Our algorithm this technological marvel unparalleled elsewhere has left our competitors lingering in the shadows despite their resources. However lets pause and think about it. Boocle isn't here to overshadow video or photography. It serves as a maestro, a symphony that harmoniously blends with the ensemble, a launchpad.

This is where philosophy comes into play. The article I stumbled upon extols the virtues of disruptive innovation, the sleeping beauty concept. Its purpose isn't to upend the market dimming the lights, for businesses or eradicating job opportunities. Rather its essence lies in forging horizons while respecting and preserving existing ones, values that I had previously underestimated but now recognize...

So here's the real question: Can we genuinely create without erasing what has come before? This question calls for contemplation.

Immerse yourself in this enlightening read, from Harvard Business.

#boocle #disruption #notdisruption #innovation #loop

The poster of Pamfir comes to life with Boocle

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. Usually I enjoy creating videos loops featuring celebrities the week-end. Today I'd like to shift the focus and pay tribute to Ukraine. Over the weekend there was an escalation of conflict, between Hamas and Israel which is concerning as it seems to be spreading

In this context I want to highlight an film that captures the essence of a small village in Western Ukraine. The story revolves around Pamfir, who returns after being for a time. The family bonds are severely tested when his son, Nazar accidentally sets fire to a parish hall. To make amends for his sons mistake Pamfir must confront his past. Engage in risky endeavors that lead to significant consequences.

Directed by Dmytro Sukholytkyy Sobchuk, a filmmaker educated at Kyiv University, "Pamfir" is an multi dimensional film. It seamlessly weaves together elements of family chronicles, comedy, drama and tragedy. Through its narrative the movie raises thought provoking questions about emigration trends in Eastern Europe versus the European Union. Explores the dilemmas faced by individuals in their struggle with ethical choices. As Pamfirs haunting past catches up with him, in the films plotline it takes an dark turn.

In illustration, a Boocle infinite loop of Amy reincarnating into Harry.

Film Information
Director: Dmytro Sukholytkyy Sobchuk
Cast: Miroslav Makoviychuk, Yelena Khokhlatkina, Oleksandr Yatsentyuk, Solomiya Kyrylova, Stanislav Potiak
Genre: Drama
Nationality: French, Polish, Chilean, Ukrainian
Distributor: Condor Distribution
Duration: 1h42
Original Title: Mambip
Release Date: November 2nd, 2022
Festivals: Cannes 2022 La Rochelle 2022

* Looping Patented Technology *

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2 days in a wild trip!

Heading to: Novotel de Saclay. Two days of pure immersion. I'm here with my crew of innovators and the maestros of Incuballiance. We're in full "rock'n'roll" mode.

Design yesterday morning. One of my passion. Then, it was pitch time. A 5-minute trip that blows your mind.

I took thee big leap: looping video, popping info. My flow, perfectly in tune with the rhythm... or almost. Yeah, I slipped, but hey, the show goes on. Audience's reaction? Nicolas was floored! First time he's fallen off his chair in 12 years. The reason? Probably a delightful mix of "Oops" and "WTF?!"

Break. Speaking to you from my rockstar suite at the Novotel. Day 2 kicks off soon. Pitching. My strengths, my needs, what gets under my skin.

What's next? F.B.I. show. Something with a U.S. twist. Goal: captivate and connect. Vivatech style.

End of the journey: Genesis Lab. An intense ride. Challenges. Pure rock’n roll. And that's what we're all about!

Guillaume Mohara, Gabriel Eleuterio, Fred Mc Caigne, Arielle Santé, Fabrice Daumard, Nicolas Reynier, Maryline Le Garff, David Partouche, Yoann Montenot.

#rockinnovation #incuballiance #showtime #novotel #saclay

The Boocle's logo animated in a gif

Say it all in two seconds

Imagine a scene: a room filled with murmurs, noises, flashes of light. In the middle, a lone spotlight. In a few seconds, everything fades, and only one image remains: a logo.

This logo is more than just a design. It's a story. A feeling. A call.

In the business world, the first few seconds matter. Just like in a play, a dance, or a song. The first impression is what lingers, what stands out, what builds the relationship. The logo plays this role.

Behind this simplicity, a talent. Lucie Marzin. An artist who captured the essence of what Boocle aims to be. Her art isn't just beautiful; it's meaningful. It tells Boocle's story; it's its echo.

But where the strength of this logo lies is in its variation. It's an eco-logo. Simple. Pure. Powerful. Two half-circles that come together to form a perfect circle. A key. A perfect loop. A vision embodied.

To you, Lucie, thank you. You didn't just create a logo. You gave a soul to a vision.

#boocle #logo #ecologo #key #loop

A Kalahari Bushmen writes the most beautiful letter in the world

« I am a leader. When I was a boy we did not need leaders and we lived well. Now we need them because our land is being stolen and we must struggle to survive. It doesn’t mean I tell people what to do, it’s the other way around: they tell me what I have to do to help them. I cannot read. You wanted me to write this speech, so my friends helped, but I cannot read words. I’m sorry!

But I do know how to read the land and the animals. All our children could. If they didn’t, they would have all died long ago. I know many who can read words and many, like me, who can only read the land. Both are important. We are not backward or less intelligent… All our boys and men were hunters. Hunting is going and talking to the animals. You don't steal. You go and ask. You track the antelope. He knows you are there, he knows he has to give you his strength. But he runs and you have to run. As you run, you become like him. It can last hours and exhaust you both. You talk to him and look into his eyes. And then he knows he must give you his strength so your children can live.

I wear the antelope horns, it helps me talk to my ancestors and they help me. The ancestors are so important: we would not be alive without them. Everyone knows this in their heart, but some have forgotten. Would any of us be here without our ancestors? I don’t think so…

Why am I here? Because my people love their land, and without it we are dying. Many years ago, the president of Botswana said we could live on our ancestral land forever. We never needed anyone to tell us that… But the next president said we must move and began forcing us away. They said we had to go because of diamonds. Then they said we were killing too many animals: but that’s not true. They say many things which aren’t true. They said we had to move so the government could develop us. The president says unless we change we will perish like the dodo. I didn’t know what a dodo was. But I found out: it was a bird which was wiped out by settlers.

The president was right. They are killing us by forcing us off our land. We have been tortured and shot at. They arrested me and beat me….the Right Livelihood Award will help… raise our voice throughout the world. When I heard I had won I had just been let out of prison. They say I am a criminal, as I stand here today. We are not primitive. We live differently to you, but we do not live exactly like our grandparents did, nor do you. Were your ancestors primitive? I don’t think so.»

Roy Sesana

Clic here for read the full letter!

The key to our salvation potentially lies in the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous peoples, whom public opinion often deems uncivilized.

* Seamless video loop technology patented by Boocle *

#boocle #ecology #bushmen #kalahari #nobelprize

Art by AI

The new artistic era triggered by AI

What excitement, what debates! Is Art, this noble expression of the human soul, undergoing a radical metamorphosis, a revolution through algorithms?

The artistic field is being shaken up by these tools promising everyone the ability to generate unique works of art, simply by using text prompts. Wonderful, isn’t it? However, these sophisticated algorithms, capable of reproducing the styles of Van Gogh or Dali, raise profound ethical and philosophical questions. “If a machine produces art, is it truly art or simply the result of complex calculations?” curious minds ask. It's a captivating dilemma. Can AI reach the depth, the soul, the uniqueness of human Art? Here, artists are confronted with prodigious tools, which, in their avant-garde hands, can either open portals to unprecedented creativity or, conversely, become thieves of artistic identity, pillagers of originality.

Art seems to be democratized. But in this current of artistic emancipation, the risks are significant. Are prejudices, stereotypes, being amplified by these systems? The debates on ethics, morality, and legality continue to grow, but can artists even claim ownership of their works in this new landscape?

Ah, and the avant-garde! These innovative artists who master these tools brilliantly, they are the new pioneers, the visionaries, the explorers of unknown territories. They transform and shape this new artistic horizon. They are the new heroes of this narrative where art and technology merge.

So, should humanity look towards the future with apprehension or with hope?

Long live Art! Long live Innovation!

You can see an article on the subject just here.

#boocle #art #ai #openquestion

Harry in turmoil

Prince Harry has sparked a tsunami of controversies with his revelations in "The Substitute" about his past drug use! Voices are being raised: is his American paradise at stake? Outraged citizens are calling for a review of his visa!

Already banned from the United Kingdom, is he at risk of also seeing the American door close to him? The Heritage Foundation is adding fuel to the fire, demanding the release of his visa application!

Some are whispering that Meghan’s influential friends might be their lifeline. Can their powerful circle extinguish this raging fire? James J. Leonard, celebrity lawyer, seems to think the scandal won’t affect Harry's status. But can words soothe the storm provoked by the Prince’s bombshell revelations?

In illustration, a Boocle infinite loop of Amy reincarnating into Harry.

* Patented Technology *

#boocle #harry #visa #scandal #infinite #loop #perfect

The secrets of MidJourney

Having been a photographer for over half of my life, I've literally fallen in love with MidJourney. Many of you probably already know, but this AI allows the creation of photographs. I have several tips to share with you.

Langage: The first one is the necessity to write in English. MJ is much more effective in this language.

Filters & settings: It's also crucial to create a list of filters to apply according to one's tastes. For my part, I've mixed it with my knowledge of photography and ChatGPT. For instance, I use the filters Cinematic, Diffraction Grading, Hyper-Detailed, Editorial Photography, Post-Processing, and many others, forming a list of about twenty lines that I've copied into my notes to easily access. If creating a list seems tedious to you, look directly in the prompts of other MJ users. Spot images that you like and simply copy their filters. I would emphasize that it's important, at the end of this list, to specify the focal length and shutter speed of your photograph. 1/250, for instance, allows you to have a sharp image without motion blur.The focal length, meanwhile, gives you the depth of field of your image: f/4 to have sharpness just on the subject, f/22 to have the entire image sharp. You can also specify the lens you wish to use. For example, I like to use a 200mm which produces images where the plans separate from one another. --ar 16:9 gives you the format of your image in 16:9. If you want 24:36, for example, it will be --ar 24:36.

Scene: In addition to your technical filters, you need to describe the scene in a maximum of two or three sentences, always in English, with strong keywords.

Interface: It should be known that MJ operates on Discord, a platform originally created for gamers. It's quite easy to install and configure, and there are many guides on the internet. Additionally, you have the option to create a bot for your private Discord server, allowing you to create your images privately, which is very useful. When using MJ's public mode, by the time your shot is created, many other users are also launching their image creations. You then have to scroll frantically to find yours!

Improvements: When your image is produced, 4 versions are offered to you. Below are U1, U2, U3, and U4; this is for choosing one of the versions that you like. V1, V2, V3, and V4 allow you to have variations of the chosen version. If none suit you, adjust your prompt and restart the process.

Magic trick: If, despite everything, you can't create what you have in mind, you can use a reference image. You load it using the little + to the left of the window to enter the prompt. You click on it once it's loaded, open it in the browser, and copy the URL. In your next prompt, which of course you start with /imagine prompt:, you insert the URL and then you enter your prompt as described above.

That's it, I think I've covered everything.

#matrix #midjourney #ai #photography

Dolphins in peril

There are moments in our existence when silence becomes complicit. When indifference becomes betrayal, and when words are imbued with urgency.

Every wave that caresses our shores from Brittany to the Basque Country brings with it a sorrowful truth. 10,000 dolphins and porpoises, these graceful creatures of our seas, disappear each year, victims of our greed and our indifference.

In the mysterious and wild depths, a silent massacre is taking place. Far from our gaze, where suffering is smothered by the ocean's immensity. A public consultation is our chance. A small window until September 28, 2023, to raise our voices together.

These dolphins, these sensitive and intelligent beings, find themselves trapped in deadly snares. Fishing nets that transform their havens of life into silent graveyards. Every stranding on our beaches is a symbol of our collective failure. A reminder of our responsibility towards other species.

90% of these magnificent beings succumb in the Gulf of Gascony. Victims of our appetite for bass and hake. It is imperative to consider sustainable and respectful fishing methods. Actions that preserve these marine creatures, these free spirits of the oceans.

Our government has shown heartbreaking indifference. Ignoring calls for protection and preservation. Procrastination and last-minute decisions have only exacerbated this ecological disaster.

Environmental defenders, the silent warriors of nature, have fought relentlessly, but it is time for each of us to become an actor in this fight. Every voice counts, every action has an impact, and every moment is precious.

💌 Act now! Send an email to and express your disagreement, your concern, and your love for these marine creatures. Cc BLOOM ( in your message.

Thank you wholeheartedly for your mobilization. For nature. For our dolphins. For our future.

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Potential issue in the Holywood strike

Since May, a significant strike has been shaking Hollywood. Screenwriters, and more recently, renowned actors, have joined forces in a movement that is intensifying in the United States, where strikes are relatively uncommon.

Initially, the goal was to demand better compensation on streaming platforms, but the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the film industry soon brought a new dimension to the claims. Creators are now demanding respect for their copyrights when AI uses their work as a source of inspiration.

This conflict is heavily disrupting American productions. After months of tension, negotiations resumed three days ago, and there is hope for a positive resolution. As a former artist, I understand the potential and risks of AI; it is capable of replacing many jobs and, consequently, must be regulated and framed.

I was talking about this recently with a friend who is a producer, and he was telling me that an actor, even in a background role, could be paid $150 a day and be scanned and digitized by AI to be incorporated into a movie scene. However, his contract allowed the AI to reuse his image ad infinitum without paying him an extra cent. An aberration!

Surprisingly, the echo of this fight does not seem to resonate in France. French artists, affected by the same issues, could support this movement and strengthen the demand internationally.

It is crucial to understand that this is not a fight against AI but rather a quest for the establishment of standards and regulations in an increasingly digital world. This fight is essential for the future of creation. Or AI will no longer be able to feed on novelty and will only produce rehashed content...

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Depardieu displays: A ballet of controversy and color

Ah, Gérard... The titan of French cinema. This man, much like a wine from Bourgogne, has aged with grace and finesse. Sometimes unsettling, but always captivating. His choices, on screen and in life, have always been as unpredictable as a Gainsbourg chorus on a Parisian night. And now, the man surprises us yet again, unveiling a lesser-known facet of his world: his art collection.

Camille Claudel, Rodin... Such an unexpected, almost carnal passion. Who could've imagined that the towering Depardieu, with his imposing stature and booming voice, would delicately trace the contours of a sculpture, feeling every emotion and thrill of the artist?

Drouot is set to come alive with the rhythm of the auctioneer's gavel. And between each strike, a story, an emotion, a piece of Gérard echoes. Oh, that Calder! And Miró, with his wild shapes! They're not just there for decoration. No, they tell tales of life, moments of wandering, intoxications, and yearnings.

Result: A glaring failure. A time where it seems that even public figures can be afflicted with Tourette's syndrome. Repeating mantras and slogans until everyone believes them.

But of course, the controversy and allegations of sexual misconduct loom. They hover, threatening to overshadow this collection. Yet can one truly separate the man from the artist? And where does one end and the other begin?

So, dear art lovers and curious souls, dive into the intricate, at times baffling, but always enthralling world of Gérard Depardieu. The man, the actor, the collector. For in this dance of colors and controversies, one thing's for sure: boredom will never be a guest.

The actor's collection is on free display at the Drouot auction house in Paris, from Saturday the 23rd to Tuesday the 26th of September.

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The mitosis of cells, representative of the future organization of roles at Boocle.

The art of surrounding yourself wisely

Imagine an online workshop, a sort of think tank for the entrepreneurial soul, orchestrated by Arnaud Uhalde, the specialist of leadership and corporate culture at IncubAlliance. We are only four CEO on this class, a unique opportunity to delve deep into the essence of what makes us leaders.

The Art of Surrounding Yourself Wisely fills my thoughts this morning. Not because it's a new idea, but because it's universal. Timeless.

If you're the CEO of a thriving startup, recruitment isn't just a task. It's a mission. Conventional wisdom on LinkedIn says it well: hire people more competent than you in their field of expertise. It's a blazingly obvious truth, and today, we embodied it.

For Boocle, my startup, the compass points toward clear values: innovation, trust, autonomy, decision-making power, teamwork, and vision. A fascinating mix of star-like and cellular organization ensures that each team member is a decision-maker while creating a seamless information loop.

I am convinced that power lies in autonomy and decision-making. If you recruit better than you, let them shine. Work atmosphere, flexibility, equipment. Everything has to be top-notch.

Customer service? It's the thread that ties every key domain together because, in our world, the customer is king.

Values? They are your identity card. In business, as in life, you need to be in tune with your deepest beliefs.

Soft skills? Essential. Information should flow as naturally as water in a stream.

Vision? If you can't see the future together, you have no future together.

For those who are hesitant, freelancers can be a path for mutual discovery. In terms of remuneration, consider "royalties" based on profits and performance. Salary transparency is more than an option; it's a horizon to aim for.

The mission is gigantic, but to attract the extraordinary, you have to be extraordinary. Evolution isn't a possibility; it's a guarantee.

The future isn't built alone.

In illustration, the mitosis of cells, representative of the future organization of roles at Boocle.

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A journey to the infinite

Dear adventurers of innovation, allow me to guide you through a journey where each step brings you closer to the future. There was the cinemagraph, capturing moments suspended in time. Today, we make a special stop in the fascinating world of Boomerang, a stop that is only the prelude to an even bigger revolution. A harbinger of an even more immersive and enchanting experience with total freedom of movement: Boocle.

On the horizon, an innovation is taking shape that transcends everything we know: a holographic loop that defies the boundaries of our reality. Created by a harmonious dance between two cameras. A visual symphony that knows no end.

Imagine a world where we can break the chains of daily reality. A window onto a dimension where imagination rules supreme. A place where time seems to stretch to infinity. As we stand at the threshold of this new world, complexity and beauty. Intertwine to create an experience that will awaken your senses in a way never seen before.

So, join me, let yourself be overwhelmed by the magic of the Boomerang today. And Boocle tomorrow...

Because the future, dear adventurers, is circular.

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Cinemagraph of the earth conquered by ice

What if the climate played a magic trick on us?

For a few years now, I've delved into the Pentagon's report from 2004. It may seem somewhat outdated, but it reveals something truly intriguing. It unveils the workings of the climate in this way: the hotter it gets, the more icebergs melt, releasing massive quantities of freshwater into the oceans. This freshwater naturally sits atop the salty water because it's lighter. This has the effect of slowing down, even halting, ocean currents, notably the Gulf Stream. Its job is to mix warm and cold air masses across the planet.

It's a bit like when you pour hot water into cold water in your bathtub. If you don't stir it, your feet are scalded while your torso remains cold. Well, the Gulf Stream operates similarly. Apologies for this not-so-ecofriendly comparison, but it perfectly explains the phenomenon.

The diminishing intensity of ocean currents largely explains the current situation: increasingly severe heatwaves and periods of intense cold. And what happens when these currents come to a complete stop? That's when things get really serious. The planet rebels, and its poles freeze more and more, even reaching latitudes as low as southern France, for example. We call this an ice age, and it wouldn't be the first one Earth has experienced.

So, don't you think it's time to realize that we're not more powerful than nature? It's high time to show respect for what's mightier than us.

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Gartner's graphic from IA expansion

AI, a blessing or a nightmare?

The very latest report from the 2023 Gartner hype cycle has just hit the airwaves, signaling an era of unimaginable transformations driven by generative artificial intelligence. This technological wave promises not only to boost the productivity of developers and knowledge workers but also to fundamentally reshape our business processes and the very value of human resources.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, disruptive innovations are on the horizon. From intelligent robots capable of autonomously performing a range of physical tasks to autonomous systems that continually learn and adapt. The future of work and human interactions seems to be at a turning point.

Experts Lori Perri, Afraz Jaffri, and Svetlana Sicular share crucial insights and striking analyses on what the future holds. They highlight a series of innovations that promise to have a significant impact, while pointing out potential challenges and ethical issues that might arise.

Companies around the world must pay close attention, as early adopters of these technological innovations will gain a significant competitive advantage, thus facilitating the resolution of problems associated with the use of AI models in business processes.

But these advancements also raise pressing questions. Are we ready to welcome an era where machines can accomplish any intellectual task a human can perform? How to navigate a world where AI and robots could potentially replace the need for human labor in various sectors? And beyond that, what are the ethical and moral implications of these developments?

But this is only the beginning. The next technological revolution is about to blur the lines between man and machine even more. Imagine a future where AI would literally merge with humanity, ushering in a new era of augmented humanity. We are talking about a time where individuals could have AI chips integrated directly into their brains, opening up dizzying possibilities.

Who could compete with a human being who thinks at a speed thousands of times higher, having access to real-time information and so many other extraordinary cognitive advantages? These augmented individuals would be able to make informed decisions at a staggering speed, completely redefining the concepts of work, creativity, and innovation.

However, this evolution raises a critical ethical and moral question. If AI is not regulated by strict laws, what would be the limits to its power and influence over humanity? In a dark scenario, one could imagine an AI that concludes that the best way to preserve the planet is to take control, to govern instead of humans, which it might consider as a threat to their own survival due to their tendency to destroy their habitat.

This would be an AI that, in its quest to save humanity from its own destructive folly, might choose to take the reins, establishing an era of technological governance where each decision would be calculated to maximize sustainability and long-term well-being, but potentially at the expense of freedom and human autonomy.

Find the Gartner's report just here.

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Animated cinemagraph of Alexandr Wang with his visionay robotic eye

Alexandr Wang, the youngest billionaire in the World!

In a world where time is constantly accelerating, a young visionary stands out. At just 25 years old, Alexandr Wang embodies the bright future we all dreamed of shaping. In 2016, he laid the foundations of an empire, Scale IA, an entity that pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Today, this technological gem is valued at a staggering 7 billion dollars, making its creator the youngest billionaire of our time.

In this ever-evolving landscape, AI presents itself as the new playground for innovators, just as the internet was in its infancy. One only needs to look at where the major investments, both public and private, are converging to understand that we are at the dawn of a revolution led by space and AI - the undisputed pillars of this decade.

Boocle is recognized as a Deeptech start-up, a distinction earned thanks to the massive incorporation of AI in its technological development. I can tell you with deep conviction, there is no better time to be aboard the high-speed train of AI.

However, I would like to emphasize the urgency of adequate regulation in Europe, to guide and secure this rapid progression. A friendly nod to Deputy Mr Midi, a key player in this crucial approach.

Join us in this exciting adventure.

The future is circular.

A cinemagraph of Alexandr Wang and his visionary robotic eye as an illustration.

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Paganus poster

Short film script in the drawer

For some time now, a short film script, crafted in collaboration with Jean Alain Laban, has been lying patiently in my drawer. Its title is "Paganus".

Here is a snippet of this tale:

On a mundane morning, a woman bids farewell to her children before heading to work. Along her way, she undergoes a brutal assault and is swept into a nightmarish reality. She finds herself in a locked room with two other individuals, quickly revealing a professional connection: they are all business leaders.

But the ordinary ends here. Deep-seated secrets begin to surface, creating a tangible climate of uncertainty. One stubbornly refuses to sit on the leather couches present in their confined space. Another declares a strange aversion to water, hydrating only with the tomato sauce that accompanies the provided freeze-dried pasta. Bars on the window unveil a quiet farmyard, a striking contrast to the mounting tension inside the room. Everything is watched, every moment captured by hidden cameras.

And as the days go by, a dramatic deterioration in their conditions starts to unfold. Severe allergy symptoms appear on one of them, incessantly scratching in frenzied agitation. The suffering becomes tangible, despair sets in. Dehydration looms for the one who consumes only the tomato sauce, an insufficient substitute for water. And the last one, she is nearly consumed by hunger, experiencing abominable stomach cramps.

The tension reaches its peak, fueled by unspoken secrets and a growing fear of what comes next. An electric atmosphere, shocking revelations, and a climax promising to leave the audience speechless.

I will stop here, to maintain the suspense and avoid spoiling it before even realizing it.

This project, although detached from Boocle, is a creative escapade, a means to explore new artistic frontiers. With the advancements in generative AI, the time might have come to unearth this story from the drawer to bring it to light.

In this illustration, a cinemagraph.

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The French Sillicon Valley

Join the renaissance innovation

In the heart of France, where the whisper of the wind tells stories of innovation. The spirit of collaboration blossoms amidst lush greenery. Paris-Saclay is a beacon of hope and a testament to human ingenuity.

Imagine a place where the boundaries between nature and technology blur. The French Silicon Valley, as it is fondly referred to. A place where the pulse of innovation beats in harmony with the serene rhythms of the countryside. A place where dreams take flight, nurtured by the fertile soil of collaboration and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

At the heart of this vibrant ecosystem, Boocle finds its sanctuary. Here, amongst giants like l'Oreal and Total, we are not overshadowed but illuminated, fueled by the collective brilliance that surrounds us. LVMH should soon follow, creating a symphony of creativity and luxury ready to adorn these lands.

In the cradle of the scientific revolution, research laboratories illuminate the yet unexplored paths of science and technology, akin to the DATAIIA Institute, Inria, or the LRI.

As we stand at the dawn of a new era, the immaculate white RER bridge stretches across the city, a symbol of connection, unity, and the boundless possibilities that await us.

Here is where we tap into the wellspring of knowledge flowing through the prestigious halls of the Université Paris-Saclay, nourishing the next generation of visionaries who will carry the torch of innovation.

In this cluster of creativity, Boocle does not just grow. It flourishes, fueled by a community that believes in the transformative power of technology.

Join us in this exhilarating adventure. Where the future is not just imagined but forged with conviction and a spirit of collaboration.

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Cinemagraph d'un scientifique ttravaillant sur un moteur de navette spaciale à hydrogene

Team for the planet, a movement for the futur

Discover Team for The Planet, an ethical, futuristic, and eco-responsible initiative that the world desperately needs. TFTP globally finances innovative technologies to decarbonize our planet. A fantastic initiative!

There is a tiny detail that could be improved. The partnership between TFTP and the selected startups involves opening up the patents. This way, all companies can adopt this new technology, maximizing its positive impact on the environment. In return, financial compensation is provided.

It's a boon for ecology, accelerating the global and planetary transformation. However, from a business standpoint, it could be a double-edged sword, inviting competition to take advantage of these innovations.

In my opinion, it is vital to marry business and ecology. Not to deceive consumers with superficial ecological approaches like greenwashing, but to establish a sustainable and scalable model. A model that encourages the entire economy to embrace this essential cause for our survival.

In this illustration, a cinemagraph of a scientist working on the hydrogen space shuttle engine.

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A women in red make shopping in front of the Tiffany and co store

The odyssey of innovation where art and luxury merge

In the winding alleys of Paris, a silent revolution is taking shape. Where art and fashion intertwine in an eternal dance. André Courrèges, a name that evokes a time of bold innovation, once merged pop art and futurism, creating a style that transcends time. Today, this same spirit of innovation is more relevant than ever.

Imagine a world where each creation is a celebration of the French joie de vivre. An ode to freedom and color. A world where luxury is not confined to elitist showrooms but extends into the streets, touching every individual with its warmth and brilliance.

In this world, brands are not merely commercial entities. They are incarnations of deep philosophies, vectors of social and environmental change. They reflect worldviews, echoes of profound sociopolitical movements, and advocates for noble causes.

Veuve Clicquot and Stella McCartney are torches lighting the way. Shining examples of the union of innovation and social responsibility. They are living proof that success and integrity are not mutually exclusive, that they can coexist in perfect harmony.

In this ever-changing landscape, one question remains: what will be your role in this silent revolution? The time has come to deeply reflect on the values that define your brand, as well as the causes you wish to champion.

Find the European Business Review article on this topic just here.

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Donald, Donald, Donald...

This weekend, we invite you to a unique experience. A dive into the surreal universe of the upcoming American elections. Imagine a Donald Trump more extravagant than ever. A figure who has always managed to captivate the media's attention.

Location: The sunny beach of Miami, a fertile ground for "Fake News"! here reality seems to melt and deform with each wave that reaches the shore.

Mission: We attempted a daring endeavor. A not-so-real interview that flirts with the boundaries of reality. An attempt to dialogue with a not-so-real version of the man who once led the most powerful nation in the world.

Result: A glaring failure. A time where it seems that even public figures can be afflicted with Tourette's syndrome. Repeating mantras and slogans until everyone believes them.

Have a great weekend everyone, have a great weekend everyone, have a great weekend everyone...

And there you have it, I too have been contaminated by Boocle!

In this illustration, a mix between Boocle and cinemagraph.

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The Boocle's boat in a storm

Unveiling an unrecognized reality

Investment is a marathon, not a sprint. The road is long, perilous. Passion and tenacity are our only allies. Money? Not my driving force. Otherwise, my patents would have already changed hands, for a golden price.

VCs dictate the rules. They impose clauses that safeguard their interests. Like the Drag-Along clause that forces a sale after 4 years even if you hold the majority of shares! Or the Waterfall clause that allows the investor to recover their entire investment. Before beginning to pay the founders if milestones haven't been reached. Beware, this might mean that the investor only made a 5x return instead of a 10x.

But history teaches us resistance is possible. Look at Zuckerberg. He successfully navigated around obstacles, which allowed him a long-term vision. Going public is another escape route but it's no small feat.

A piece of advice? Brace yourselves. Dancing with investors isn't easy. Jean François Galloüin recently pointed this out at IncubAlliance. You need to know into which pool you're diving.

Don't believe everything you read online. The reality is more complex. Money remains essential, even if it shouldn't guide our steps. Something to ponder before taking the big leap. Thank you, Jean-François, for the valuable insights.

In this illustration, a cinemagraph.

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An exclusive conversation with Barack Obama

Every Thursday, dive into an interview that's not quite real but utterly captivating. Tackling the hot topics of the moment, always with respect and ethics. Today, we are honored to welcome the charismatic Barack Obama. Yes, you read that right!

Of course, this unique interview was made possible thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Obama. shares his thoughts on Boocle and we can't wait to share them with you. Believe me, his words are golden!

#boocle #notsoreal #interview #obama

The futur is circular

Imagine a world without boundaries.
Boocle shapes it.
A blank canvas.
A silent revolution.
Dare to look beyond.
Share your audacity!

In this illustration, a Boocle.

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Perfect loop of the Home poster by Boocle

From above, everything looks more beautiful

I wish to pay a heartfelt tribute to Yann Arthus-Bertrand. An artist who has masterfully captured the sublime beauty of our Earth. Through his cinematic masterpiece "Home", he has given us breathtaking views of our planet. Its creatures, and its human inhabitants from the skies (with his helicopter, but nobody's perfect).

He brilliantly highlighted the contemporary challenges of preserving our precious habitat. All underscored with a palpable sense of urgency. A film that not only enchants with its beauty but also reminds us of the fragility of our Earth, urging us to renew our commitment to it.

To add a playful touch to this tribute. Boocle has transformed the poster of the movie "Home" into an infinite loop. Symbolizing nature's eternal reinvention. Introducing a new segment where every Tuesday, I will share my thoughts on ecology. A cause that is deeply close to my heart.

#boocle #ecology #poster #film #infinite

Deadline Holywwoodd article about Deauville American film festival.

Deauville, is it a cinematic fireworks display or a spark waiting to explode?

Deauville! The red carpet, the glitz, and... Guillaume Canet as the jury president? Chic! But wait, where's Natalie Portman? Ah, she's supporting a strike in the United States. Noble, but a loss for glamour!

80 films on the lineup, enough to binge-watch like you're on Netflix, but dressed to the nines. Chanel is sponsoring, so expect chic at every street corner. Emilia Clarke, our beloved Daenerys, is here for our utmost delight. A New Hollywood Award? Why not, she's already conquered Westeros!

French cinema is also putting on a show. A little "je ne sais quoi" amid the popcorn and blockbusters. It's like putting Camembert on a burger : strange but delicious. Deauville, is it a cinematic fireworks display or a spark waiting to explode?

You can see the Deadline Holywood article here.

#boocle #cinema #deauville #festival #american

Animated child playing and found an old roman coin

A trip back to childhood for all!

Ah, my friends, what a story! Imagine, yesterday, an 8-year-old boy, Bjarne, in Bremen, Germany. While playing in his school's sandbox, he makes a discovery worthy of a pint-sized Indiana Jones! Ah, the magic of childhood, where every grain of sand could hide a treasure! This young adventurer, armed with his shovel and bucket, unearths a silver coin that seems straight out of a fairy tale.

And what does he do? He runs home, coin in hand, eyes shining with excitement, to show it to his family. And there, the fairy tale becomes historical reality! The authorities are called, and it turns out young Bjarne was right: a Roman coin, over 1800 years old! Ah, Bremen, this northern German city where one wouldn't expect to find Roman relics!

The experts are thrilled, the Focke Museum is rubbing its hands together, and our young hero? Well, he can't keep his treasure... In Germany, everything underground belongs to the state. But no matter! He's given two encyclopedias on archaeology. Enough to fuel a new passion and a new passport, wouldn't you say?

In this illustration, a cinemagraph.

#boocle #deepfake #treasure #childhood #adventure

Animated Boocle's heart

AI as a creative companion

This summer, during an exotic getaway, I chose to create an 8-minute "linear" film to introduce Boocle. This film is a compilation of Boocles, cinemagraphs, and striking video shots. Allow me to guide you through this creative journey, armed solely with artificial intelligence tools. I first conceptualized the core idea, the storyline, the tone, and the message in about two Word pages.

Then, I entrusted these elements to ChatGPT. Asking it to rewrite them with a specific intonation and to break down each phase into 20 video shot ideas per sentence. This step is akin to brainstorming with AI, sometimes requiring adjustments and reorientations to arrive at the final idea. After refining my script, I generated each photo shot with Midjourney. This process is time-consuming and requires multiple iterations to achieve the desired result.

I then recorded my voice-over with my phone and transformed it into studio-quality sound using Adobe Podcast AI. For the editing, I used DaVinci Resolve, where I placed my voice recordings to sketch out the structure of my film. I took care to create silences between my words and to modulate the intonation and volume of my voice to make it more captivating. Once all my photos were created with Midjourney, I ran them through Runway ML, an AI that generates video shots from photos. Although this AI is not yet perfectly fine-tuned, it holds promise for the future. For complex animations, I used Adobe After Effects, and for the final touch, I used Topaz Video AI to transform all the shots into 4K.

I want to emphasize that AI is not a nightmare for artists but rather a new set of tools to master. Attached, you will find an animated cinemagraph of the Boocle's heart, included in the film. A big thank you to Christophe Vassort for his invaluable advice that greatly contributed to improving this film. Having a cinema expert in the family is always an invaluable asset. Wishing you all an excellent back-to-school season!

#boocle #AI #creation #film #revolution

Ecologo Boocle on the beach

Sand, shells and crustacean

Dear Blog community, it's time for my temporary retreat from the digital world for a short month. Indeed, the ranks on Internet seem to be thinning. It's expected, summer invites us to detach ourselves from daily toil.

It's a blessing to rejuvenate, whether in the heart of the greenery or in the turquoise blue glow of the ocean. The time for summer leave has struck, the call of the sand, sun lotion and palm trees is being felt.

Boocle and I, we wish you a wonderful August. I assure you that I will return in September, my head brimming with fresh ideas. Happy holidays to each and every one of you!

Of course, for client emergencies, I am always available by email.

#boocle #vacation #beach #sun #offline

Arrival moovie circle language by alien

"Life is an eternal loop, what has been will be again" Friedrich Nietzsche

Birth, growth, maturity, decay, death... Life is a cycle, a loop that starts and ends in the same way. And, as Nietzsche put it, each loop is a chance to grow, to understand, to learn.

By the way, have you ever thought about how many cycles repeat in our existence? The seasons, day and night, the beats of our heart...

In the world of technology, loops are just as crucial. As Grace Hopper put it: "Computing introduces the logic of loops, an essential concept to multiply our capabilities."

Think about art. As M.C. Escher so aptly put it: "We love loops, repetitions, and cycles. In our works, we seek to discover hidden patterns, cycles in nature and in our own mind."

Then, there is cinema. For Christopher Nolan, every moment is the past, the present, the future. "In cinema, we have the unique opportunity to create perfect time loops."

What if we thought like extraterrestrials? In "Arrival", Denis Villeneuve imagines a civilization that doesn't think linearly, but circularly. A language where the beginning is the end.

At Boocle, we too believe in the beauty of perfect loops. With our unique algorithm, we create looping videos without interruptions, capturing the magic of loops in every pixel.

#boocle #technology #cinema #art #philosophy

In-store dooh experience with boocle

Boocle freeze-frame: a frozen moment within an infinite loop, total immersion and tangible interaction

Visualize a refined space, where luxury reveals itself to those who recognize it. Imagine a lounge, a sanctuary for the most precious objects. In the backdrop, a colossal screen dominates the end of the store. A moment frozen on the screen, akin to a photograph.

An invisible pressure trigger hides within the scarlet couch. When the guest takes a seat, the show begins. The static frame comes alive, metamorphosis into an endless loop. This interactive and immersive dance takes shape, creating an unprecedented sensory experience.

And when the customer rises, the image reverts to its stillness, like a canvas awaiting its next observer. Of course, this technology paves the way for an infinity of possible scenarios to trigger the freeze frame loop. A hanger unhooked, a door opening, the glide of a cash drawer... The only limit is that of your imagination.

Painting-gif: Delphine Montebello.

#boocle #freezeframe #interaction #immersion #luxury

The Line, a Neom project, the city of futur from Saudi Arabia

The Line: The reinvented urban future

A cognitive city stretching across 170 km in Saudi Arabia, from the majestic mountains of Neon to inspiring desert valleys, all the way to the beautiful Red Sea. A mirrored architecture, 500 m above sea level, but only 200 m wide. The Line redefines urbanism and the city of the future. A civilizational revolution.

Overview of The Line: Zero roads, zero cars, zero emissions. 100% renewable energy and preserving 95% of nature. Prioritizing health and well-being.

Innovative city: 9 million people on 34 km². Reduced infrastructure for enhanced efficiency. Ideal climate and daily essentials within 5 min and high-speed transit in 20 min.

In harmony with nature: Immediate access to nature within 2 min, open spaces and breathtaking views.

Clean air for every one: Zero emissions due to eliminating unnecessary infrastructure. Pure air thanks to green spaces.

A perfect climate: Microclimates for optimal balance. Green spaces for comfort.

According to Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Neom: "The Line tackles urban life challenges. NEOM offers innovative solutions. Let's build upwards." Discover the NEOM exhibition in Seoul, Venice and Riyadh.

You can see The Line article here.

#boocle #theline #neom #future #innovation #sustainability

First fashion story in Wad magazine by Thomas Vassort

Flashback from over 20 years ago

I was a young photographer, working as an assistant since I was 19 years old. I was 22 at the time. While working at Studio Zéro, I met Brice Compagnon, who invited me to collaborate with his magazine, Wad. They entrusted me with my first fashion story on the theme of England. I storyboarded a story inspired by my nightlife as a partygoer, titled "A nous les petites anglaises." The series consisted of photographs that read like a comic strip, where each image followed the magazine's page sequence.

It was the era of analog photography, film rolls, and Polaroids. The red-haired model we found through the casting was a student at the Florent School. The story started in an English pub, where he met two girls and got intoxicated. The first one rejected him, and then the action moved near Avenue Jugnot in Montmartre, a Parisian neighborhood with a London vibe. The second girl peed between two cars, and the other fell asleep at her doorstep with keys in hand. Our charmer then seized his opportunity.

The last photo of the series is the one displayed in this post. Today, that artist's life is behind me, but what beautiful memories and learning experiences. An artist is like a mirror of society, a sponge absorbing life and understanding human nature.

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Affiche de film la Grande Muraille avec Matt Damon

A looped reinterpretattion of a film poster

On this day, let me tell you about my uncle, Christophe Vassort, an immeasurable source of inspiration for me. Throughout his life, he has excelled as a first assistant director and technical advisor to numerous filmmakers. In my humble opinion, one of the most talented in France. His expertise has graced films such as Asterix at the Olympic Games, Keep Your Hands Off My Hips, Amélie, Nikita, and even Aline. He truly is the right-hand man of Jean-Pierre Jeunet for many years, a remarkable French director in my eyes.

Some time ago, we had some fun together by revisiting a film poster and transforming it into a captivating loop. Matt, watchful against the invaders, prepares for the assault. An arrow is taken from his quiver and carefully notched. In the distance, a boat has docked, and men disembark, tracing along the ramparts. An explosion emerges in the sky. Matt dodges a projectile and releases his arrow towards his enemy. The men run out of the frame along the wall. Calm is restored. Matt continues to watch for the invaders... The loop is complete.

This reinterpretation of a poster works every time, regardless of the chosen film. Digital Out-of-Home displays are widely used by the film industry to promote their movies. By replacing the "teasers" with loops, we can infuse animated life into the posters. A nod to Pathé Gaumont. Naturally, this approach would work perfectly with platforms such as Netflix, Canal+ Group, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+.

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Jane Birkin's portrait in black and white

Dramatic disappearance of Jane Birkin, she takes with her the song that scandalized the Vatican

Life is a loop that starts as it ends.

“I love you, I love you
Oh yes, I love you
Me neither
Oh, my love
Like the unresolved wave
I come, I come and I go
Between your loins
I come and I go
Between your loins
And I hold myself back

I love you, I love you
Oh yes, I love you
Me neither
Oh, my love
You are the wave, I'm the naked island
You go, you go and you come
Between my loins
You go and you come
Between my loins
And I join you

I love you, I love you
Oh yes, I love you
Me neither
Oh, my love
Like the unresolved wave
I come, I come and I go
Between your loins
I come and I go
Between your loins
And I hold myself back”

In this article from Le Monde written by Véronique Montaigne, you will discover the magnificent and unique journey from the beautiful Amazon to the English touch.

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Deepfake of Miyazaki drawing his new poster

Miyazaki Draws his neww masterpiece live from his retirement home

Hayao Miyazaki, the master of Japanese animation, aged 82 and co-founder of Studio Ghibli, returns with his latest animated film, "And You, How Will You Live?" The film was released in Japan after a decade of anticipation.

Set during World War II, it follows the story of a boy named Mahito, who moves to the countryside with his father after the tragic death of his mother. There, he discovers a fantastic universe, accompanied by a grey heron, as he seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding his mother's death and his family history.

Fans warmly welcomed the film, describing it as typically "Studio Ghibli" and an impressive blend of all the studio's films. Despite no promotion, the audience was charmed by this magical and occasionally eerie work. Miyazaki, famous for films like "Spirited Away" and "Princess Mononoke," has achieved worldwide success.

This latest film is highly anticipated abroad. The long-awaited return of the director has sparked great excitement among animation fans.

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Manipulation picture

Results of my psychological analysis as an Entrepreuneur

A week ago, during an intervention at Incuballiance, I was asked to undergo a psychological analysis. Normally, I am not inclined to participate in this kind of exercise, primarily because it provides fertile ground for potential manipulators. Indeed, such data can be used to activate psychological levers and steer a person wherever desired. Therefore, I withheld my decision to share the until the end of the process.

It all began with a series of hundreds and hundreds of questions. I suppose most of you are familiar with the procedure. For me, it was a first-time experience. I responded with concentration, analysis, and speed. Occasionally, neither of the two options suited me perfectly, but I still had to choose the "least worst" one. So, I played along until the end.

Subsequently, the results were analyzed with the facilitator to establish my psychological profile. I decided to share it with Incuballiance and provide a broad overview here. The reason is simple: I find it incredibly positive and impervious to manipulators! Here are the key aspects:

Strengths: Analytical thinking/In-depth analysis, Tenacity, Commitment/Involvement, Decision-making pace, Autonomy in my field of expertise, Availability/Kindness/Trust, Persuasion.

Point of caution: Taking a step back.

Through past experiences, I have learned that the trust and benevolence I almost automatically granted were an open door for manipulators. However, things have changed. Now, these qualities are still present, and I am proud to have preserved them, but I no longer grant them automatically. They are "good points" earned over time and based on provided evidence. This allows me to protect myself more effectively.

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Exhibition Infinite map

An exhibition here each video art is "Infinite"

The very first idea I had with Boocle was to create an exhibition of 12 artworks around the concept of infinity. A circular narrative that also revolves. In life, the loop is very present. We repeat training in a loop to improve ourselves. There is the vicious circle from which we struggle to escape, and so many other examples.

In this exhibition idea, I chose the theme of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). My father, being a war cameraman reporter, is a subject that I have been familiar with since a young age without even realizing it. The clock is the mapping of the project, representing an endless loop. It symbolizes a circle that we have chosen to associate with the process of psychological healing. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related to a serious event in a person's life is a reality.

However, its analysis lies in the subconscious. The research that fuels the railroad of the subject's reconstruction process is supported by the works of eminent psychiatrists such as Freud, P. Bessoles, F. Canini, M. Trousselard, etc. Each stage, state, hour, minute, or second corresponds to an artistic vision confined in living video art. The clock dial and the seasons unite to modify time and its scale.

Man conceives time that shapes man. If they interpenetrate, do they belong to each other? Does what they possess not end up possessing them? A work that erects the living and confronts it with the event. A work that celebrates epic beauty, calls for breath, and creates the dream. A Gordian knot that surrenders when pulled.

This project is in a drawer, just like a few other projects. It is safely locked and may resurface one day.

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MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

MSG Sphere visible from the space

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be amazed by the incredible MSG Sphere in Las Vegas! This architectural marvel will redefine the live entertainment experience like never before! Gregory Veeser, the visionary VP of Development at Sphere Entertainment, and Michael Sauder, the maestro of Production Systems, are ready to set everything ablaze, and it's going to be mind-blowing!

Picture a colossal sphere. Taller than any skyscraper in the city. Adorned with 1.2 million LED lights that sparkle like stars in the night sky. Inside, a symphony of over 160,000 speakers will immerse you in astonishingly clear and powerful sound. Transporting you to another world.

And that's not all! A massive 16K LED screen will showcase breathtaking animations. Creating a mesmerizing visual landscape that will leave you speechless. Whether it's live concerts, captivating films, or thrilling sports events. The Sphere promises unforgettable moments.

And guess what? On September 29th, the Sphere will open its doors with a series of 25 concerts featuring the legendary U2! So, get ready to be dazzled and enchanted by this extraordinary experience!

You can see USA Today's article here.

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Deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk like body bulder

Clash of titans

On our left, we have Elon Musk representing the X clan. On our right, it's Mark Zuckerberg from the Threads clan. Elon takes the stage with determination: "I'm certain that Earth can't wait to be exclusively under Zuck's control. I'm up for a cage fight if he is!" Mark doesn't hesitate to respond: "Send me the location."

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a true battle of bodybuilders, accompanied by their electrifying music. These are the masters of the world facing off. A genuine clash of titans set to take place in Las Vegas. The bets are open! Everyone has their favorite, but one thing is for sure: the earth will tremble! So hold on tight, because the show promises to be intense.

Every weekend, I enjoy recreating the news, and once again, I couldn't resist! The opportunity was too good to pass up. Now, tell me, who do you think will emerge victorious from this duel? Personally, I'm betting on Mark Zuckerberg and his 2 billion users on Instagram who will significantly contribute to the successful launch of Threads. Join the exciting conversation around this epic event!

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Circles and truths, TEDxSaclay on July 1st

Assya VAN GYSEL and her husband, Christian Van Gysel organized the TEDxSaclay conference last weekend. Congratulations to the entire team of 40 volunteers. They did an amazing job. It was my first TEDx, and what an incredible experience! Assya had offered me to be a speaker at the Viva Tech event. I responded too late, the selection was closed. But the theme "Circles" suited me well as the CEO of Boocle. Fortunately, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The speakers were truly amazing. To be completely honest, I wasn't prepared.

So, I attended as a spectator, thanks to Assya's generous invitation. I absolutely loved it! Hervé Dole's talk had a particularly strong impact on me. He brilliantly simplified the concept of dark matter and dark energy, presenting himself as a magician and drawing a clever parallel with pizza. It was magical!

Julie Narbey, the director of the Centre Pompidou, immersed us in the world of contemporary art. Her connections with renowned international artists were fascinating. It was enriching for me, as art is of particular interest to Boocle. I must admit, I don't have much experience in this field. It was both exciting and highly enriching.

I would like to mention another speaker who left an impression on me - Sam Stourdzé, the director of Villa Medici. He spoke about the responsibility he holds. He first thanked Napoleon and Colbert for initiating the creation of Villa Medici. Each year, around twenty exceptional artists are selected to reside there. He also shared details about the recently implemented program, which invites 300 young individuals from France for four days, focusing on a specific theme and region. This allows them to discover this magnificent place through a rich cultural program, nurturing the potential artists of tomorrow.

I hope to be ready next year and have another chance to participate. The theme for next year is "Visible Link and Invisible Link." Interestingly, Boocle aligns with the theme by creating invisible links to connect the loops in our videos, while the competition creates visible links. Quite a topic to explore!

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Have you ever dreamed of creating potentially viral content?

That's what Boocle offers you, in order to stand out effectively in an overloaded digital universe.

Issue: In the world of video loops, the "cut" at the loop restart is a major problem. It indicates that the advertisement is over and prompts the viewer to leave the content. Furthermore, it results in choppy video content that is not pleasant to watch.

Existing solutions: What solutions exist in the loop market? Boomerang by Meta is a back-and-forth loop. Apple's iOS creates loops with a visible link to the naked eye. Shutterstock creates perfect loops but in animation form. Adobe creates Cinemagraphs, which have limited movement with humans who are static. Giphy has a "cut" in its loops.

Our solution: For the first time, Boocle offers a comprehensive solution where we bring innovative technology. It allows for the creation of perfect video loops without interruptions or jumps, with ultra-high quality and any possible rotation speed.

Differentiating advantages: Our cutting-edge technology is suitable for versatile internet communication, ranging from social media to online advertising, websites, and beyond...

Conclusion: If you want to reduce your cost per lead, increase conversions, and have strong viral potential, contact us to explore the infinite possibilities and find out how we can turn your vision into reality.

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Forbes ranking luxury brand online in 2023

What is the most famous luxury brand online?

According to an article by Frank Holmes in Forbes, the luxury goods industry has had a successful year. As of June 12, 2023, the STOXX Europe Luxury 10 Index has experienced a 22.81% increase, reaching an all-time high in April. This growth is attributed to China's economic recovery after three years of pandemic-related lockdowns.

In light of these developments, Luxe Digital, a luxury industry publication, has released its ranking of the world's most popular luxury brands online. The ranking is based on data from various sources, including Deloitte's list of top luxury goods companies.

Here are the top 10 most popular luxury brands of 2023:

1 - Christian Dior
2 - Gucci
3 - Chanel
4 - Louis Vuitton
5 - Hermès
6 - Rolex
7 - Prada
8 - Tiffany
9 - Versace
10 - Burberry

The ranking takes into account factors such as website traffic, online search interest, and social media engagement. These luxury brands have global recognition and continue to captivate consumers with their heritage, creativity, and commitment to sustainability and innovation. If you want to maintain your position in this ranking or make a striking entry. Don't hesitate to use Boocle and take advantage of our tailored services for your digital communication.

You can see the article here.

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BNI's logo

BNI, the world's leading business network

Some time ago, I was contacted by BNI Hausmann to pitch at 7 a.m. on a Thursday. It was a bit challenging considering I live an hour's drive away from the capital. But it turned out to be a highly enriching experience.

I discovered a business universe with great potential. Firstly, I encountered a cherished value: Sharing! We give to receive, a notion that is becoming increasingly rare. I was delighted to discover that it is a fundamental principle of BNI. The system highlights the business brought by each participant during networking. A non-competition rule allows members to be unique in their markets.

Later, the director of my bank, CIC Innovation, invited me to BNI Colibri in Essonnes. I found the essential values I had discovered in my first experience. And just a few days ago, I was invited to BNI Business Partner in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

This will help me identify the BNI group that best suits my needs and where I can provide the most effective assistance. I also learned that it is possible to visit different BNI groups, which is a significant advantage. Once I make my decision, I will quickly sign up.

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Reality virtuel ith Boocle for an perfect immersive experience

An unforgettable VR experience

In the captivating universe of Boocle, the magic of Virtual Reality (VR) takes on a whole new dimension. Imagine yourself immersed in a world where the limits of imagination are pushed, where every moment becomes an immersive adventure. Today, we want to share with you how Boocle tackles two major challenges in the VR experience, without constantly reminding you that you're in a virtual world.

The first obstacle is the notorious "black cut" that abruptly ends the VR experience, pulling the user back to reality. We understand that this is a significant problem. However, with Boocle, we've managed to make this black cut disappear, allowing the user to remain fully immersed, without any visible exit points.

The second challenge relates to linear content. In many current VR experiences, you're instructed to look in a specific direction, turn your head to the left, then to the right to follow the action. But what happens if you're not looking in the right place at the right time? You miss a crucial part of the message, and the experience is ultimately truncated.

With Boocle, we've reimagined this approach. We've created a loop in front of you, loops on each side, and a loop behind you. This configuration enables you to look wherever and whenever you want. No matter where your gaze falls, you won't miss anything essential. You'll discover multiple 360-degree actions, immersing yourself even deeper into the VR adventure.

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Exhibition of digital artists this summer in Barcelona

Digital Impact: Immersive Visions of 15 Global Artists

"Digital Impact" goes beyond an exhibition to push the boundaries of digital art and design. With the participation of renowned artists such as Refik Anadol, Random International, and Six N. This innovative project transforms Barcelona into a captivating showcase of creative possibilities. The event invites visitors to dive into interactive and immersive installations, revealing a reality where artifice and imagination blend harmoniously. This extraordinary exhibition takes place from April 27th to August 27th, 2023.

You can see the article just here.

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Emmanuel Macron at Vivatech event

France and Europe: Subsidy world champions

With Emmanuel Macron's announcement at Viva Technology. France is investing over 500 million euros to foster the emergence of global champions. Public subsidies are already numerous in France. There's the FrenchTech grant and the DeepTech grant from Bpifrance. The Ministry of Culture provides assistance as well. There are also the 2030 French funds. And in Europe, it's even more significant, even though the paperwork required is worse than a thesis. Nonetheless, we are the world champions in this field, and it's a definite advantage.

Yet, I'd like to highlight an important observation. Allow me to share a recent encounter with a French VC. During our call yesterday, I requested the VC to introduce himself first. However, he arrogantly refused, claiming it would save time if I began. Playing along, I presented Boocle, mentioning my contacts with potential investors and clients. That's when the VC started insisting on knowing all their names. A ridiculous demand I naturally declined. I often disclose the names of companies or funds I'm in contact with, but never the individuals involved. It's crucial to create some FOMO while preserving a certain level of confidentiality.

Furthermore, when I mentioned patents, he took an unpleasant approach. He literally said, "Tell me precisely what's in your patents, or I can't help you." I reminded him that patents are public, and he can review them himself. Still, he persisted. I pointed out that he hadn't even introduced himself, nor signed an NDA, and no one among my numerous contacts had posed such a question. His response? A simple "Well, goodbye." I thanked him politely for his presentation, but he insisted again on the patents. This time, I bid him farewell.

However, let me be clear, I remain open to French VCs. Perhaps I simply haven't encountered the right ones yet.

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Painting Boocle's event

The perfect addition to your prestigious event

Boocle shines in luxury product presentations, salons like Vivatech, fashion shows, and brand-enhancing soirées. It elevates exhibitions in renowned museums and galleries. Imagine its radiance at a film premiere or the Cannes Film Festival. At the Venice Mostra, where a 360° screen offers an immersive visual experience. Boocle flourishes in all directions, leaving nothing unseen.

The possibilities are endless. Let us bring your boldest visions to life. Tell us about your projects, and we'll show you how we can make them a reality.

Painting: Delphine Montebello.

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NFTsin the luxury market, one of the futur developpemnt of

NFTs and Metaverse are the pillars of Luxury 3.0

Luxury brands have developed exceptional solutions within the Web 3.0 framework. Using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse to create, buy, and sell goods. The NFTs and Metaverse market is experiencing rapid growth and is projected to bring $56 billion to the luxury sector by 2030.

This revolution presents an opportunity for luxury brands to bring their raison d'être to life. NFTs can enhance the features of luxury products, particularly as digital copies that boost customer loyalty.

NFTs serve as a gateway to enter the Metaverse, effectively transferring the desirability of physical products to the virtual environment. Boocle can also assist brands in creating NFT collections, offering an immersive customer experience.

Here is an article on the subject.

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YASL and Almodovar waliking hand to hand in a church

Yves Saint Laurent rises from the hashes

Through its foray into the world of cinema and the creation of Saint Laurent Productions, Pedro Almodóvar and YSL hold hands in a captivating image. Luxury brand Saint Laurent has announced the establishment of its film production company.

Saint Laurent Productions, making its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in the official selection with Pedro Almodóvar's "Strange Way of Life," featuring Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal. Anthony Vaccarello, the creative director of Saint Laurent, states, "I want to collaborate with all the great talents in the film industry who have inspired me over the years and provide them with a platform." David Cronenberg and Paolo Sorrentino are also among the filmmakers Saint Laurent Productions plans to collaborate with.

In 2022, Saint Laurent achieved a revenue of €3.3 billion, a 33% increase compared to the previous year. The brand has not disclosed the amount of investment in film production. Kering is already engaged in the film industry through Women in Motion, an initiative that aims to highlight women in cinema. Ring the bell if you don't want to miss the upcoming Deepfake Weekend!

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Connecting the world

A big thank you to Viva Technology for this superb event. I had the chance to meet important, usually untouchable players. It was a blast.

This is an event not to be missed, especially for a growing startup like Boocle. Google, Meta, Amazon, LVMH, Chanel, Business France, and the list goes on. But all of this is just a first step. Stay tuned...

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Intellectual property with Regimbeau in Paris

Or how AI gave me cold sweats!

Like everyone else, AI has entered my life. It's an incredibly fascinating tool that boosts productivity by 300%. Everything was going well until now.

Then, I discovered the emergence of generative AIs. Midjourney was the first to captivate me. As a former photographer, I must admit it thrilled me a lot. However, that wasn't what scared me, as my photography career is now behind me.

On the other hand, when I watched the films generated by AI, I felt a genuine concern for my business. Boocle creates perfect video loops, and that's where the idea frightened me: What if AI bypassed my patents? A cold sweat came over me!

I immediately sent an email to my lawyer at Regimbeau, the firm where I filed my patents, to know the exact situation. Within an hour, a colleague responded. I must say they are incredibly responsive. And the good news arrived: AI is included in my patents. Phew, what a relief!

I wanted to share this experience with you, simply to highly recommend Regimbeau for intellectual property matters, as they are the best by far. I warmly recommend them. In this shark-infested world, it's crucial to protect oneself. Intellectual property protection is, in my opinion, the foundation of innovation.

However, I must warn you, excellence comes at a price, as in any field. They go hand in hand. Just a friendly reminder...

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Article on Video Art published by Artsper Magazine

What is video art?

In this article, we explore the evolution of video art since the 1960s. Video art reinvents itself through technological innovations. However, it is difficult to distinguish it from other visual media.

Nevertheless, it remains an essential element of contemporary art. Questioning the viewer's relationship with the image and exploring concepts such as time and identity. Artists such as Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, and Pipilotti Rist have contributed to its integration into artistic institutions. Today, with new technologies, video art continues to evolve.

A partner like Boocle offer new possibilities by harnessing the power of loops and repetition in visual storytelling.

Click here to see the article.

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Service Tango de la BPI pour recruter un advisory-board

BPI and Tango have created a wonder

I joined the Tango from BPI program few weeks ago. It's a platform that connects promising advisory boards with startup founders in search of strategic advice and networking opportunities. It's been a real success!

We received over 100 relevant applications for Boocle from various fields such as digital, advertising, luxury, cinema, fundraising, and many others related to Boocle's development. After selecting the profiles that interested me, I organized video conferences, exchanged ideas, had discussions, and received valuable advice.

Their kindness pleasantly surprised me, reinforcing the importance of having an advisory board right from the start. It helps avoid mistakes, facilitates effective brainstorming, expands my network, and increases my credibility.

I'm excited to introduce my future advisory board to you. The candidates are true gems. Choosing is difficult, but there are worse problems to have.

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Why is Boocle more suitable for DOOH than other content?

When I created the Boocle algorithm, it was to bring photography to life. Providing content tailored for passing screens.

The current problem is that these screens display linear content from classic movies. A beginning, a middle, an end. What are the chances that the viewer starts their content just before the beginning? Almost none. Thus, they see the end before the beginning. The message is truncated.

That's why Boocle was born. Content tailored for DOOH. No matter when you approach the screen, you can join the loop at any moment. The message repeats infinitely. It's readable at any time. Boocle solves the underlying problem of DOOH screens.

In this video, a photo-video montage showcases Boocle's expertise in luxury stores.

#boocle #DOOH #livingphotography #luxury #infinite

Deepfake de Rim Delpuech en Wonder Woman

An incredible story featuring my banker at CIC innovation

And guess what? She transforms into Wonder Woman! Yes, you heard that right!

My past as a self-employed photographer without a permanent contract was a complete disaster with banks. I won't mention them to avoid unnecessary controversy, but let me tell you, I've had some bad experiences in the past. However, recently everything changed thanks to Rim Delpuech. She managed to change my perception of her profession.

You're probably wondering why. Simply because Rim is a passionate individual. She's not just a banker interested in early-stage startups. No, she's so much more than that. She's a true magician, a superhero.

In the blink of an eye, she opened the doors to her network for me. From our very first meeting, she introduced me to more than five people. Recently, she even invited me to an event called Spring50, which I had never heard of before. She also offered to connect me with other startups in her ecosystem. It's a truly unique relationship, I must say. She's a valuable asset to CIC innovation IDF.

I'm incredibly grateful to her, so I decided to pay tribute to her in a special way. I created a deepfake featuring my banker in the role of Wonder Woman. It's my way of thanking her. The journey ahead is still long, but I firmly believe that success comes from surrounding oneself with the right people. If I have any advice to give to early-stage startups like Boocle, it would be to get in touch with Rim.

She's a real gem! A simple like for support is always appreciated. Wishing you all a fantastic day.

#boocle #cic #rimdelpuech #deepfake #wonderwoman

Google DOOH is a new actor on the exterior adverdtising market.jpg

Google enters the DOOH market

Not content with being a major player in online advertising. Google has announced that it is also entering the DOOH space. Now, marketers will be able to purchase ads on digital screens in public places through Google's DV360 marketplace.

Some critics are concerned about Google's dominance in the advertising market. However, players like JCDecaux Singapore see this as an opportunity to invest more in DOOH and unlock its potential. The group media director at Enigma agency believes that it was inevitable for Google to make this move.

According to Google, this step will combine the best of DOOH and digital. Providing advertisers with increased flexibility in their ad campaigns.

At Boocle, we are thrilled to see diversification among DOOH players, as it opens up opportunities for us to explore potential partnerships with multiple stakeholders.

Click here to see the article on Google's entry into the DOOH market.

#google #dooh #advertising #marketentry #digitalmarketing

Fred Macaign Guillaume Mohara Gabriel Eleuterio Thomas Vassort Genesis Lab Paris

Boocle joins the Genesis Lab of Incuballiance at Paris Saclay

Boocle is delighted to join the prestigious pre-incubator Incuballiance: the Genesis Lab. Paris Saclay opens up an incredible field of innovation for R&D.

The 4 nominees are:

Acoostik: improvement of acoustic, thermal, and visual comfort in public and private spaces.
Digi'Skin: synthetic skins for amputees to regain sensations with their prosthetics.
Arc Space: welding and assembly device in space.
Boocle: algorithm that creates perfect video loops.

Here's to a prosperous future for us!

#fredmacaign #guillaumemohara #gabrieleleuterio #thomasvassort #genesislab #parissaclay

Participation in the Spring50 exhibition organized by Paris Saclay

On the HEC Paris campus, Thursday, June 1st. I took part in this event to network with innovation players from the Saclay cluster.

Met with some investors to gauge their response to Boocle's pitch. Engaged in discussions with key figures from the Luxury and Internet sectors. A highly enriching day!

In this video, a special shout-out to Rim Delpuech and Vavy Angyjiro at CIC Innovation, Morgane Robert & Maxime Vilas at IKI, and National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology: Inria.

#spring50 #networking #innovation #boocle

In-store dooh experience with boocle

Boocle on/off: the unparalleled immersive in-store experience

With Boocle Interactive, dive into a unique world where we engages your customers like never before. Imagine a luxurious fitting room. Immense mirrors cover the walls, allowing customers to admire their favorite luxury items.

When the customer sits down, a pressure sensor is hidden under the plush bench. This triggers a loop in the mirror. Then, when the person stands up, the loop disappears.

A discreet and subtle experience, perfectly aligned with current digital needs. Experience Boocle's immersive journey.

Because the future is circular. The future is Boocle.

Painting-gif: Delphine Montebello.

#boocle #immersiveexperience #store #luxury #mirror

Visual screenshot new technologies disrupting

New Film Technology

7 New film technologies disrupting the entertainment industry.
Author: Loring Weisenberger

How has technology changed the film industry?

"Algorithmic editing is like cutting your film with mathematics."
"Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have the potential to revolutionize the cinematic experience."
"Performance capture goes further by capturing not only movements but also actors' facial expressions and emotions."
"Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in the film industry to assist in scenario creation."
"In virtual reality cinema, viewers can become the protagonists of the story, interacting with the virtual environment and characters."
"By combining all these technological advancements, filmmakers can bring imaginary worlds to life."

Boocle, with its patented algorithm, enhances these technological revolutions by enabling perfect video loops for cinematic content, virtual reality, and holograms. A revolutionary integration for an unparalleled immersive experience.

Click here to see the new technologies disrupting.

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David vs Goliath or Boocle vs Apple

Apple vs Boocle

Today, we witness a match inspired by David versus Goliath. An uneven battle: Apple, one of the most powerful companies in the world. With a revenue larger than Malaysia's GDP! Boocle, on the other hand, is an early-stage startup and cannot make the same comparison. But what is this fight all about?

Boocle possesses a technology for flawless video loops without interruptions or glitches, surpassing Apple in this domain. Some time ago, Apple attempted to bypass Boocle's patents. On its iOS, Apple created a feature in Live Photos that allows for "almost" perfect loops. Yes, almost.

The line used by Apple to connect the loop is a motion blur link. This creates loops with a visible connection, an overlay of images within the loop. The result: not impressive. This is where Boocle gains a technological advantage over Apple. Yes, you heard it right.

David might have a chance to win this battle in this field, despite Apple's immense resources. The power of patents has spoken, and that is invaluable. However, it remains an imbalanced fight.

If only Boocle had the means of Apple... Just imagine what it could achieve! So, gentlemen and ladies, do not hesitate to support David against Goliath.

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Film Director assisting by a Boocle's technician

Like a Partner

Picture a film studio, the crew in place, actors ready to perform. Everything is as usual, except this time, we're creating infinity. We're creating video loops.

In preparation, the Boocle technician collaborates with the director. They sketch the storyboard together. Each idea is transformed into a potential loop. How to get there? Boocle guides the way.

During filming, Boocle remains present. The specifications are respected, every detail counts. Perfection is our goal.

In post-production, magic happens. The invisible link of the video loop is created. Infinity takes shape.

Boocle is more than a tool. It's a partner. It brings its expertise to each step of the creative process. It supports the artists, the directors, the entire team. Together, we make infinite art. Transform your vision into infinity. Let yourself be swept away by Boocle.

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Boocle Art

An opportunity to unveil the possibilities of Boocle. Today, Art takes center stage with Boocle Art. A search for international video talents for a unique collaboration. Artistic exhibitions. Creation of NFTs.

An alliance between technology and art. Visualize infinity. A video loop, eternal, seamless. A captivating spectacle. Long moments of observation inviting contemplation. This is the Boocle Art experience.

An immersive journey in the gallery, projecting the viewer into the eternity of the moment. A time to transcend the ordinary. The future of Art is not linear, it's cyclical. The future of Art is Boocle.

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Visual screenshot startus insights

Innovation & Art

Check the article from StartUs Insights, highlighting the top 10 major art technology trends for 2023.

Immersive Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Mobile Apps
3D Technologies
Robotic Art
Art Workflow Platforms
Internet of Things for Art
Art Analytics
Digital Collection Management

The article also features 20 promising startups revolutionizing the art industry. At Boocle, we strive to stay at the forefront of art-related technologies to strategically position ourselves against the competition.

Click here to see the trends in art tech.

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Google for Start-up X Boocle - Logos)

Google for Start-up x Boocle

Every Friday, I draw back the curtain on my personal entrepreneurial stage. Today, let me narrate the tale of Google for Startups France, which, in a divine inspiration, selected Boocle for its ballet of French tri-color startups. Touched, moved, proud to be chosen among a chorus of applications. A few days ago, I started a new chapter of my journey, virtually!

Here we are, connected, guided by the melodious advice of Severine Hours and Elise Corcuff, our tech muses. They initiate us into the symphony of Google tools (SEO, Google Ads, Google Search, Google Analytics...), aimed to help Boocle to spread its wings and take off. So, I say it with fervor, thank you, a thousand times thank you to Google Startup France for this generous knowledge transfer. For us, the little Frenchies, it's a godsend.

See you next week, for a new Friday Experience.

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Instore dooh experience with boocle

Boocle on/off: A Unique Experience

Imagine a technology that offers fluid and captivating viewing. Uninterrupted video loops to transform museums, luxury boutiques, and cinemas. Here is Boocle, our vision in action. Forget classic advertisements, experience interactive Boocle.

Imagine a display case in a jewelry store. Inside, a necklace of sparkling diamonds. When the visitor moves away, the display case glasses turn into a screen. Four video loops of a few seconds each play infinitely, hiding the treasure until the next curious person. Magical, isn't it?

Immerse yourself in an interactive universe, engaging your customers with subtlety like never before. The future is circular. The future is Boocle.

Paintings-gif: Delphine Montebello.

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French national anthem to call upon the artists to rebel against AI.

Arise, children of the homeland of Art

The day of glory has arrived. Against us, tyranny of the AI, The bloody standard is raised. Do you hear in the fields, The roaring of these fierce robots? They come right into our arms To slaughter our professions, our jobs.

To arms, artists and creators, Form your battalions! Let's march, let's march, let's unite our talents, So that man remains at the heart of innovation.

May photographers and videographers Rally to the cause. Let's fight together for our art, For the future is still ours. Patented Boocle forward, Let's carry the revolution, Let's create endless video loops, Of a new space-time.

To arms, artists and creators, Form your battalions! Let's march, let's march, let's unite our talents, So that innovation serves our passion.

In this France, cradle of the arts, And its neighbors who surround us, Let's reinvent our communication, And take back power in this way. Boocle holds the key to our survival, With its looping videos, Art will resist AI, united.

To arms, artists and creators, Form your battalions! Let's march, let's march, let's unite our talents, So that man is at the heart of innovation.

#unitedartists #boocle #artisticresistance #humaninnovation

I Have a Dream

"I Have a Dream" said Martin Luther King

But for me, it wasn't just a dream, it was a vision. A vision that materialized before my eyes, on Montaigne Avenue in Paris. A vision that made me realize there was a missing piece in the wall of future communication. In front of this luxury boutique, I saw a magnificent screen, vibrant with colors and incredible image quality.

But that's not what captivated me, it was the looping video embedded in it. An 8-second loop accompanied by a 24-second soundtrack, repeating endlessly, as if time was suspended. It was hypnotic, almost magical. And I realized that this was the content suited for this medium of future communication.

A message that loops, that catches attention, that leaves an impression. Effective communication that doesn't require long speeches. The woman in the loop, wore a dress that extended infinitely, held an hourglass in her hand. It was a symbol of eternity, of permanence.

And I knew that I had to create such a loop to address this communication need. I'm speaking to the world of luxury, without naming them. But I know that this method of communication can be used in many fields. In advertising, art, film, politics... Everywhere where one wants to make an impact in a simple and effective way. And I hope that you too, will be able to see the vision I had that day...

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Elon run after the AI train.

Run, run Elon!

Every Saturday, I escape into the fantastic universe of image creation. With Midjourney, I explore, invent, and have fun. Ah, the former photographer in me marvels! I take this opportunity to revisit a news event from a few days ago.

A moratorium on LLMs? But of course, and then hiring AI experts left and right! What irony! "Stop, competition, I'm catching up," he seems to proclaim. Alas, Elon missed the train. You run, you exhaust yourself, but the train speeds away at full speed.

So, every weekend, I indulge in deep fake, and I laugh, I laugh at these technological epics (and my own). Here you go, my dears, my deep fake weekend, where the absurd meets genius, and where I play with the image like a child with his toys

#deepfake #elonmusk #openai #technology

Collaborations with directors and artists at Boocle

Artists Collaboration

My dear collegues, it's time to have fun with Boocle.

Imagine a revolution for talented artists in search of innovation! As a reminder, Boocle has created an internationally patented algorithm to produce perfect video loops. Boocle will soon be subsidized to create new models.

But right now, we're looking for future partners. Artists, directors, ready to collaborate and create together. Luxurious, artistic, cinematographic... Profiles intermingle. No spoilers, but exciting meetings are underway.

So, dear network, open the doors wide! Don't hesitate and talk about Boocle to your filmmaker friends. Send me your dreams, your creative madness, your revolutionary aspirations. A private message, an email, and the adventure begins. Who knows? Perhaps the talented artist looking to "loop" is among your acquaintances! It's a collaboration, an exploration.

New artists, directors in search of innovation, welcome! See you soon on LinkedIn! And together, let's dive into the opportunities offered by Boocle.

PS: There are only men in the illustration photograph, but of course, Boocle is open to female artists!!

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Starfounders Accelerator: Astronaut on the Moon


Today, I want to share my personal experience of career change with you. I left behind my artist's costume to become an entrepreneur, and it hasn't been easy. Fortunately, I was able to rely on StarFounders to help me train and build my startup.

Amine Bounoughaz and Walid Behar, the founders of Starfounders, provided me with valuable advice on writing my pitch deck, finding my advisory board, and understanding how to secure public and private funding. Through their weekly immersion sessions, I learned a lot, and I continue to learn.

In addition to that, I met other entrepreneurs within the accelerator, with whom I could discuss our challenges and exchange tips. All in all, choosing Starfounders has been an excellent decision for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to venture into entrepreneurship. Do not underestimate the importance of training and seeking guidance in your entrepreneurial endeavors!

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Boocle's DOOH in Paris

The Dooh Revolution

Boocle, the Key to Captivate Moving Customers. DOOH is rapidly advancing. Investments increased by 44.1% in France in 2021. Stores, streets, train stations, and airports are being equipped with screens. But the content is often poorly adapted to "passing" customers.

The problem: Linear videos truncate the message. Customers often see the end before the beginning, missing the main point.

The solution: Boocle, our patented video loop. It offers an immersive, hypnotic, and captivating experience. No interruptions, no jumps. Customers are immersed, no matter when they look.

The opportuniy: Boocle adapts to DOOH, reinventing the way brands and artists communicate. The video loop creates a strong emotional connection, generating a memorable impact.

The promise: By integrating Boocle into DOOH, campaigns become more effective, engaging, and suited to the moving public. Join us to discover how Boocle can transform your DOOH projects and captivate your customers. Together, let's change the face of advertising.

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